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Is it a myth?

Discussion in 'Saturn' started by calganagain, Oct 28, 2001.

  1. calganagain

    calganagain Ban Hammered

    I was wondering if there is a boot disc or boot disc image I can use to play imports on the Pal Sega Saturn.

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  2. IceDigger

    IceDigger Founder Staff Member

  3. calganagain

    calganagain Ban Hammered

    What do you mean by "no"?

    a.)No, it is not a myth.

    b.)No, neither one exists.
  4. calganagain

    calganagain Ban Hammered

    Maybe so

    Where is the image or the disc?
  5. IceDigger

    IceDigger Founder Staff Member


    turn on brain and think.

    what do you need to boot a cdr on saturn? a modchip.

    so, you'd have to install a 30$ modchip to boot a boot cd to play imports. now where's the sense in that? go buy a 15$ import cart.
  6. MasterAkumaMatata

    MasterAkumaMatata Staff Member

    BTW, the cdr Arakon mentioned above refers to a boot disc that's burned to CD-R, in case you're wondering.
  7. calganagain

    calganagain Ban Hammered

    That ends any questions about images but what about discs?

    The DC-X doesn't need a modchip but I think it works because the DC does accept cdr's. Could a CD boot disc or converter be made for the Pal/NSTC SS?

    Why does the swap trick work? Does it read the region code of the first disc and goes on to the next disc with the same(first) region code?
  8. megametalgreymon

    megametalgreymon New Member

    there is also different discs depending if it was a first-party or third party developer that used it, so one disc wont work for every game

    the swap trick and modchip only defeat the copy protection, the cart/switch modification only defeats the teritory protection

    if your looking for just playing original imports get a cart, if you looking for copies import or otherwise get a modchip and use the satconv utility to patch them
  9. IceDigger

    IceDigger Founder Staff Member

    the production of a bootcd would have to be done on the actual sega cd pressing machines and would be a total waste of money (now how many would be buying one of those? prolly not even 100 people), especially cause any cheapo import adapter cart can play imports better.

    dc does not have a protection against cdrs, so it can be made to boot cd games.. saturn does have a protection.

    the swap will NOT defeat the country protection, ONLY the cd r protection, by reading the protection ring off an original, and the game off the copy.
  10. calganagain

    calganagain Ban Hammered

    Did they use the same pressing machine to create sega cd games and sega saturn games?

    Does the mod chip for the Playstation do both(defeats country and copy protection)?

    "the cart/switch modification only defeats the teritory protection

    if your looking for just playing original imports get a cart"

    Is there a guide on how to create/install a switch? Did the developer's have a SS with a pre-installed switch?
  11. IceDigger

    IceDigger Founder Staff Member

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