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Is it possible to play Amiga files from the web on the CD32?

Discussion in 'Retro Video Games' started by Braindead13, Jan 22, 2002.

  1. Braindead13

    Braindead13 New Member


    Is there any way to convert Amiga image files from the internet (.adf files) to burn them on a CD and run them on a Amiga CD32?

    If this is impossible please don´t flame me-I have no clue about it but it would be great because my Amiga 500 died and I could play my old games on my CD32.
  2. Turrican2K

    Turrican2K New Member

    try here:


    go to the "CREATE YOUR


    AMIGA CD GAME" section.

    But trust me it's a very hard art.
  3. WiseMan

    WiseMan New Member

    im quite sure that you can do this. i have not bothered to do so becuase i have an Amiga 2000HD.

    what you actually are saying though is impossible, the cd32 will not just load the adf's. you will have to extract the files from them. i have no idea how you can do this unless the disks are amiga dos compatible anyway.
  4. WiseMan

    WiseMan New Member

    turrican 2k i had a look at the site you posted. they say only a hd installable game, which is what i said before, the disk has to be Amiga Dos compatible.

    the whole thing though is not hard at all from what is described.

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