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Is Lan Kwei a good place to shop?

Discussion in 'General' started by mwaytena, Apr 5, 2002.

  1. mwaytena

    mwaytena New Member

    I am thinking about getting a Panasonic Q and they seem to have the best price. Thanks
  2. SilverJazz

    SilverJazz New Member

  3. Trenton net

    Trenton net New Member

    They sell old overpriced crap, with the exception of a few adverage priced products.
  4. Mike G

    Mike G New Member

    Which online sellers do you recommend then, Trenton net?

    Many of Lan-Kwei's prices seem quite reasonable to me - OK, it's very clear from the front page that a lot of the stuff they sell is too expensive, but I don't think US$9 (about UK £6!) for a Saturn mod board is such a bad deal, even when shipping is added. It's a lot cheaper than Lik-Sang, anyway.

  5. Trenton net

    Trenton net New Member

    You will probably never find any good stores on the internet. But even at a quick glance you could always goto http://store.sohu.com/ and grab some games. You won't find any deals online but prices are reasonable and you don't get charched by using a middle man for importing items and turning around and selling it higher.
  6. Cecilia Chen

    Cecilia Chen Ban Hammered

    Im looking and actualy they have a pretty large cataloge of CDs/VCDs/MDs. I have a blue MD like the one here: http://store.sohu.com/Detail.jsp?autoid=26790

    But, I didn't buy it from soho, I got my uncle to get it for me at a local store. Hmm, they have quite a good selection of CD, MD, and VCD players. But as far as games go, don't buy them from Soho. They sell originals, so even though there prices are fair, you can always get it cheaper at other places.

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  7. Mike G

    Mike G New Member


    If you're wondering what that noise was, it was me hitting the language barrier ;)

    Thanks for the recommendation anyway Trenton. I have looked around a fair bit, and Lan-Kwei is still the cheapest English language site for a lot of the stuff that I want. Correct me if I'm wrong, but it seems that to get it any cheaper I would either have to learn a new language or do a fair bit of travelling? (There are no decent places to buy this stuff where I live, which is why I have to look online.)

    BTW Cecilia, I thought you were talking about a blue Mega Drive for a moment there! I would kill for one of those :)

  8. Cecilia Chen

    Cecilia Chen Ban Hammered

    You can get Mega Drives in almost any colour. Clear, Blue Clear, ect. But they are usualy Unoffical units, and I haven't seen any places online which sell them.
  9. mwaytena

    mwaytena New Member

    Lan Kwei has the cheapest price for a Panasonic Q that I can find. If anyone finds a cheaper place please post here. Thanks
  10. Trenton net

    Trenton net New Member

    You could probably find it cheaper all over, but I suppose Lan Kwei is the only english store. Besides they make all their money off of people who are forced to buy from them.
  11. Cecilia Chen

    Cecilia Chen Ban Hammered

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