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l.e.d. sucka!!!!

Discussion in 'Saturn' started by norberto, Jan 7, 2002.

  1. norberto

    norberto New Member

    i have two saturn systems. one is the model1 and the other is model 2. i opened up my saturn model2 today, and saw that there is a spot for a L.E.D. all you would have to do is get one from radioshak and solder it in.

    it would be a lot cheaper then getting a modbord. has anyone tried this? im going to try it tomorrow. ill let you all know how it goes. and ill try to take pics. this would solve alot of swap-trick problems. you would probably have to drill a small hole so you can see the light for the correct timing. peace out
  2. Curtis

    Curtis Member

    Are you suggesting that this LED will act in the same manner as the drive access LED on the model 1? I think thats a long shot to say the least... Still no one has tried this (for good reason, I suspect), but have fun anyway...

    Personally, I don't think the swap trick is that hard, not hard enough that a little flashing light would make it any easier, anyway...
  3. norberto

    norberto New Member

    im hoping it will act in the same manner! i dont see why not. you are right about the swap method is not that tough, but many people find it a pain. people with model 2 saturns anyway. also alot of people keep their saturns cases open for that same reason(to watch the laser move easier). everybody can finally put their covers back on!

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  4. mal

    mal Member

    I think norberto, you might be right about the space on the controller PCB. It makes sense that it's for the CD access light. I think it's only on older Model 2 Saturns though.

    How were you thinking of mounting the LED?

    It's a long way from the PCB to the top of the case.
  5. IceDigger

    IceDigger Founder Staff Member

    two wires and a 3 mm (or 5 mm, depending on the led size) hole, some hotglue to keep it in place.

    it won't damage anything if it doesn't work. just remember the LED might not work the first time cause the contacts are the wrong way, if so, just turn it around.
  6. MasterAkumaMatata

    MasterAkumaMatata Staff Member

    I feel the same way. I don't use the LED on my old model 1 Saturn to do the swap trick. I use the movement of the lens as my cue. Now that I have a modded model 2 Saturn, there's no need for me to swap anymore, unless I'm in the mood for a little challenge. ;)
  7. SkankinMonkey

    SkankinMonkey Member

    You still have to remember that the timing is different on the model 2 from tthe model 1, so even if the lights do work, it won't be the same as the model 1.
  8. norberto

    norberto New Member

    hey whats up? im about to go to radioshack in about an hour. i was also thinking about getting different color l.e.d.'s. ill be taking pics also. i was thinking about drilling a small hole like where the power led is by the reset button, and using that little clear plastic peice from the green power led, and putting it on the other side. there is a spot for it. how do i post pics?
  9. MasterAkumaMatata

    MasterAkumaMatata Staff Member

    Like this:

    <font color=white>[</font>img]URL of pic here<font color=white>[</font>/img]

    For example:

    <font color=white>[</font>img]http://superakuma5k.homestead.com/files....]<font color=white>[</font>/img]

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  10. IceDigger

    IceDigger Founder Staff Member

    just stick the LED straight through the hole, much easier.

    you can use the tags to post a pic on some webspace you upload them to. if the pics are large (kb-wise), it's better to post a link.
  11. MasterAkumaMatata

    MasterAkumaMatata Staff Member

    What size limit would you suggest? I think 100 KB should be the limit at the moment.
  12. norberto

    norberto New Member

    here are some pics




  13. norberto

    norberto New Member

    im about to test it out!!!!!!!!!1 cross those fingers!

    two more pics with the red led in, and the plastic light extender thingie switched to the other side.


  14. IceDigger

    IceDigger Founder Staff Member

    none of your pics work.
  15. GreatSayamanGohan

    GreatSayamanGohan New Member

    you have to copy the URL and put a space after .jpg to make them work, arakon. It's because of Geocities.
  16. norberto

    norberto New Member

    well of course it diddnt want to work at all! (it worked, but the led did not come on for accessing.) oh well at least i tried. i switched the controller board to my model 1 and it works fine. sega is smarter than I. oh well, at least i got some cool led's for my saturn now. not a total loss i guess. some times the pics come up. here are all the pics i took including the blue power led, and the green led access light! copy and paste the link!


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  17. MasterAkumaMatata

    MasterAkumaMatata Staff Member

    Funny, they worked the for me the first time I saw his post with the pics. I guess noberto should've used Homestead. My sig pic is stored at Homestead; been using it ever since AltaVista died on me.
  18. Fabrizo

    Fabrizo New Member

    I think those new power and access lights look sweet! I think ill see if I can do the same with my model 1 saturn, its falling apart anyways from all the tampering ive done on it.

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