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Discussion in 'General' started by ViperA2001, Oct 9, 2001.

  1. ViperA2001

    ViperA2001 New Member

    for years, i've been thinking if my next PC or game system will be a mac... with the release of iMac, i really really wanted to buy one (black). But now, i've seen in the site that it's gone. Well, back to basics, but I like the sleek style anyway... And iBook? or iMac? PowerMac? or what? what about software compatibility? will winamp work? does mp3 even exist in the mac's vocabulary? I'm a music freak, and my current laptop (with a busted LCD - Toshiba Portege 3020CT) has a 6GB HD with 5.4GB of mp3's... not much programs, they're all in my pc... What about laplink connections? will i have to sacrifice the thought of connecting my laptop to my desktop?

    here's what I've heard so far...

    1. SATURN=MAC, PSX=PC - from a magazine (time or newsweek), kinda true actually, with all the criticism and praise I've heard for the mac, with the users and non-users

    2. EXISTS IN ITS OWN VACUUM/BUBBLE WORLD - people don't buy because not much software exist. Switching cost is too high (the thought of losing data/software when switching from one to the other)

    3. TOO EXPENSIVE - period

    4. UNCUSTOMIZABLE - is this true?

    5. ULTRA-WORTH-IT - this is what i've heard from mac users (just like what i hear for us sega gamers who have the saturn)

    sorry for the long post... I went for the saturn instead of PSX because it's a game console (i can play with it on my own, with a friend or two etc). But for computers, how do i share my data/software/music/documents/databases? i mean, they're not gaming systems that can be operated separately, the internet and other networks were built for a purpose, right? please share your thoughts here... thanks...
  2. lockecole2

    lockecole2 New Member

    • iBook - apple's low cost laptop. g3 powerbook is better, but ibook is good.
    • iMac - should still be in production. it's not as good as a g3/g4 tower tho. good for n00b's to macs and comps in general.
    • mp3 is definitely part of the mac's "vocabulary" as you say. just make sure to skip iTunes and go for macast if you get a mac. quicktime pro also supports mp3 playing as well.
    • software comptability - pc software works on pc and sometimes virtual pc (e.g. ACE decompression), mac soft. on mac.(e.g. iTunes, Roxio Toast 5)

      data can be transferred between the two, either switching the hd's or running a prog like DAVE. i cant give you a link, as i don't know the company, but i think the prog allows the pc and mac to communicate via ethernet. i've never used it. (i'm also lazy to search ;) )

      it does have a set of software exclusively for mac, but some pc progs have been ported over to mac (e.g. Microsoft Office, Internet Explorer, popular games)
    • it is too expensive . . . that's what i hate.

      most of the macs just differ in stuff you get with it when you buy it, like processor speed, etc. you can also pop in cards and harddrives and such, but you can't build one from scratch.
    • saturn=mac etc. - i've never heard it, but i always thought all consoles stayed away from mac entirely, except the snes.
    • "ultra worth it" - hmm. i just like my mac, rather than pc.

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  3. ViperA2001

    ViperA2001 New Member

    thanks... here's the software which I use (or will use, or planning to...):

    CorelDRAW, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Macromedia Flash, Macromedia Dreamweaver, Macromedia Fireworks, Winamp, Windows Media Player, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel (probably powerpoint too), AudioCatalyst, Virtual Turntables, CuteFTP, WS_FTP, Internet Explorer, Netscape, ICQ, MSPaint, Notepad, Wordpad, GetRight, QuickTime, DirectX, and tons more stuff...

    here are the games I play...

    Viper Racing (Sierra), Command & Conquer Series (Westwood), Half-Life/Counter-Strike (Valve), Final Fantasy VIII (Square),ZSNES (emu), NESticle (emu), Genecyst (emu), ePSXe (emu), Virtual Game Station (emu), bleem! (emu), SimCity2000 (Maxis), Syndicate (Bullfrog), Raptor (Apollo? - cool aircraft shooter game), some more old DOS games (yeah), and some more MANY more games... AND many more RIPPING AND ENCODING AND DECODING SOFTWARE...

    sheesh, looks like I won't be able to live without a PC eh? too bad... please help me segregate the Mac-compatible and the non-Mac-compatible...

    oh yeah, can i like transfer files through Direct Cable Connection (laplink)? because that's how I transfer files between my current (and LCD-busted) notebook... without it, what good is a laptop? (I don't have LAN at home...) Also, I prefer a portable mac than a "un"portable one... :) not for the purpose of showing off, but i believe the mac is really more powerful, just WAY TOO COSTLY...

    it's like this, I like the saturn but I don't have the money (but I got it anyway), I like the Mac but I don't have money, I like the PS2 (beat mania thing) but I don't have the money...

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  4. lockecole2

    lockecole2 New Member

    lesse what i know is mac-compatible and is not. i use some of the stuff you listed (mpeg encoding, photoshop, etc)

    • adobe - was first for the mac actually.
    • macromedia - definitely mac as well.
    • winamp - not ported, use either itunes or macast.
    • windows media player - get the 6.3 verson to play divx's, but for mpegs and avi's use quicktime.
    • microsoft - on mac.
    • audiocatalyst - on mac, i use it myself.
    • ftp clients - either use transmit or interarchy.
    • browsers - definitely ported.
    • notepad, wordpad - use bbedit lite or simpletext

    • C&C - first one was the only one ported
    • half-life - sadly, it wasn't ported. it was going to be, but was canceled :(.
    • zsnes - use snes9x
    • nesticke - use rocknes
    • genecyst - use generator, at link above
    • CVGS - compatible, was for mac first. only good psx emu on mac.
    • simcity 2000 - definitely on mac. tough to find though. i have it.
    • syndicate, raptor - i've never heard of. doubt they've been ported. for the other pc games, like dos games, try virtual pc.
    • ripping and encoding - use cleaner (mpeg1/2, avi, asf, rm) or astarte m.pack, or roxio toast 5 (does mpeg1 encoding). itunes is a free mp3 encoder, audiocatalyst and cleaner is better.

    also check out 3ivx. it's divx on mac, basically, except the different implementations of MPEG4. just about the best video codec on mac with motion jpeg in second.

    direct cable connection? i'm guessing thats like thru the serial port or something? the modern macs dont have anything resembling that port.

    if you're going for a mac portable go for the powerbook g3 or ibook titanium. either one is good.

    heh, that console dilemma is the same with me . . .
  5. ViperA2001

    ViperA2001 New Member

    about direct cable connection... I use the printer port, but it allows connections between serial ports too. If macs don't have those kinds of ports, where does the mouse/printer go? and how do you transfer files from a portable mac to a desktop PC? is it even possible?
  6. mal

    mal Member

    Syndicate for mac does exist.

    I've got it.
  7. ViperA2001

    ViperA2001 New Member

    thanks... but here's the question that I probably should've asked first: why buy a mac over a pc?

    that's what my mom asked me...

    and if you have a mac, would you recommend it to others? how eagerly would you recommend it to others? would you force it to their throats? or would you just tell them: "Mac is good" then leave them alone after they say "no"?
  8. lockecole2

    lockecole2 New Member

    i'd go for the latter myself, and i would probably recommend a mac after they've complained to me about constant crashing on their pcs. i can't really say anything about getting a mac over pc though, i just happen to like it better than a pc. i guess as an arugment i would say the mac has more quality products (adobe products are much better on mac than pc imho, as the same with macromedia.) i guess mac is more of a platform for video and image editing rather than a all-around platform, as the pc has more games and such. i also think apple had firewire first.

    about direct connect, the mice and keyboards on modern macs all use USB, and before that used their own serial type connection. they also used SCSI as well, but modern macs dont use that. i've never tried to transfer files in between comps, as i've never needed to, so i dont know how to do that. i still would go for some sort of ethernet connection.


    what is syndicate anyway? is it any good?
  9. ViperA2001

    ViperA2001 New Member

    thanks... it's just that, I'd prefer a portable, as i said, and I can't defend the mac so that my mom would let me buy one... if I can't defend it, I can't buy it... oh, and of course I still retain my desktop PC...

    PIII 550mhZ, Diamond ViperII 32MB, Creative Infra, cd writer, 256MBram, etc etc...

    if only I could find more reasons for my laptop to be a mac...

    BTW, thanks Lock! you've been really a great help. If only I could upload more games to your FTP... =) thanks man!
  10. lockecole2

    lockecole2 New Member

    you're quite welcome. glad i could help you.

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