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Magic Knight Rayearth

Discussion in 'Saturn' started by ViperA2001, Oct 2, 2001.

  1. ViperA2001

    ViperA2001 New Member

    which version in your opinion is better? US or Japanese? I usually prefer Japanese over US titles and terms and this is no exception... now if I could only read Japanese... I could only read Chinese. but it helps anyway.

    Guardian Heroes (Jap better)

    Rockman (over Megaman)

    black saturn (over white) <- exception :)

    SS Logo (Jap better IMO)

    etc etc
  2. herrgafgarion

    herrgafgarion New Member

    i do agree most things are better in japan. but here is the exception IF YOU KNOW JAPANESE

    if you dont man get the american one

  3. ViperA2001

    ViperA2001 New Member

    yeah I know... that's why I settle for US versions of RPG's if there aren't any voices... but the Chinese characters help me get through. Just like MKR before, I played it and got through it by concentrating on the Chinese characters and it helped me VERY much to finish the game... :)
  4. Mike G

    Mike G New Member

    I also normally prefer to get Japanese versions - but I make an exception when it comes to RPGs and other text-heavy games, since I can't read Japanese at all. I'm not going to buy a version I can't play properly just because it seems more "hardcore" - that's just silly.


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  5. Kommunisator

    Kommunisator New Member

    with MKR, you might even better get the US version, since it was heavily re-done, because the development files of the japanese original went missing. The US has less slowdown and you don´t have to talk to every character everywhere if you accidentially bump into them while moving. The saved space went into a special diary among other things.
  6. Artemio Urbina

    Artemio Urbina New Member

    Yup... I enjoyed very much the WD version =)

    Cute game, got me hooked for a while, and also made it to my favourite games list
  7. ViperA2001

    ViperA2001 New Member

    where do you think can I get both versions? I'm willing to buy the Japanese version, but not the $60+ US version... I once almost had the Japanese version (incoming story, already told 2 times on SX...) before...

    Years ago I had this neighbor who also had a Saturn, he had tons of original games (as compared to pirated) because he didn't buy them from the Philippines. One of the games was a specially packaged MKR Japanese game that came in a special case with an external booklet AND with internal booklet... I borrowed it and finished it within a month. I didn't know what it was but it was fun. After a year or so, I realized that it was MAGIC KNIGHT RAYEARTH, one of the greatest anime I've ever seen! (ever seen the OVA? it's so cool!) I asked him if I could buy the rarity from him, he told me it was lost... dumped in the garbage can for all he cared... Man, was that a loss or what... He said he would've given it to me if I wanted it EARLIER, but alas, I was too late... huhuhuhu

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