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Discussion in 'General' started by jim993, Mar 5, 2002.

  1. jim993

    jim993 New Member

    What is everyone's opinion on their dollar menu(i just got done eating 3 double cheese burgers, 2 apple pies, and a chicken faheta(not spelled right but i don't care i'm tired) and only spent 5 dollars and tax)? #### i ate way too much now i can't get to sleep #### eating like a starving person

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  2. Nadius

    Nadius Member

    Them Big n' Tasties are alright, I just hate the #### long drive thru lines.
  3. JCTango

    JCTango New Member

    Man! Ain't you tha fat ass! :) lol just j/k
  4. jim993

    jim993 New Member

    no i'm just a lean f*cking eating machine

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  5. archiver

    archiver New Member

    The apple pies were always pretty good, I thought. When I'm on that kind of budget I usually go with Taco Bell though.
  6. IceDigger

    IceDigger Founder Staff Member

    Eck, can't stand anything from a fast food place except taco bell.
  7. chakan

    chakan New Member

    In my area, the only thing they have for a dollar is a Hamburger and Fry special on Sundays, Mondays, and Wednesdays. However, if I travel south about 35 mins, I get that crazy Big Tasty stuff...
  8. Artemio Urbina

    Artemio Urbina New Member

    Here in Mexico they have any two burgues you want (any "coupl") for 3 bucks
  9. Cloud121

    Cloud121 Member

    McDonalds is sick! Burger King and Wendy's rule!
  10. slinga

    slinga Member

    For once I agree with Cloud. :p
  11. Gallstaff

    Gallstaff Member

    burger king is agruably the best fast-food joint around.
  12. Supergrom

    Supergrom Member

    i dislike just about all fast food. Ill eat if from time to time, but i avoid it as much as possible, especially McDonalds. If i have to eat fast food i go for Wendy's or Jack in the box, or sometimes Carl's Jr., but they are kinda on the expensive side. ooo, and Sbarro's is good =)
  13. Gallstaff

    Gallstaff Member

    oh yes sbarros.... good eatin'
  14. chakan

    chakan New Member

    Sbarro's tastes okay, but it's too #### greasy to eat once you grow older than 12. too dangerous. :p
  15. Gallstaff

    Gallstaff Member

    ... well duh... it's oriental food. (mesa likeada da soy sauce) - no offense to our oriental board members.

    SEGA DAVID New Member

    i think mcdonalds is aight

    they got good fries. and nuggets
  17. eatpenguin

    eatpenguin New Member

    there;s PLENTY of good eatin' at cheap mexican restaurants all over houston...more of tejano food, i guess. definitely not chicano. good ol' greasy food, just as bad as mc donalds (well, maybe not as much), but they give you WHOLE LOT MORE for same price. and the one i always go to have the best complimentary pickled garlic and carrots. you know you;re in for good mexican food when the waitresses don;t speak english:)

    and yes, i still love mc donalds. i like greasy artery-clogging food. but i prefer KFC (mmmm....fried chicken....) when it comes to fast food.
  18. Supergrom

    Supergrom Member

    yeah, lots of good, authentic, mexican places around where i live too. There is a town not far from where I live that is somewhere between 80 and 90 percent hispanic, and oh man, they have some good food, and lots of it for real cheap.
  19. Artemio Urbina

    Artemio Urbina New Member

    I get real mexicab food here for the same 3 buck, a complete meal and quite good ("comida corrida"), that includes soup, salad/rice and a dish to choose (varies dily), plus the deset and fresh flavoured water...

    Nice deal =)

    (That is what you get living in Mexico City)
  20. Falstaf

    Falstaf New Member

    they don't call it Burger King for nuttin'. Lots of good inexpensive mexican food here in Phoenix. Hard to get decent Chinese food though. And the pizza sucks too. Used to live in NYC up until 4 yrs ago. Man I miss it!

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