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Model #'s

Discussion in 'Saturn' started by 3rdman, Apr 23, 2002.

  1. 3rdman

    3rdman New Member

    Model #'s

    Is it possible to tell what kind of IC chip is in your Saturn by its Model #?

    Specifically, does the MK-80008 have 32 or 64 IC chip?
  2. mal

    mal Member

    Model #'s

    I thought it was possible to tell if a certain model had the 32 or 64 pin IC. I'd got the 32 pin IC twice from two Saturns that have the model # MK-80200A-50 (euro model 2).

    However, other people on the message board have since said that they have that model # on their Saturns as well, but have the 64 pin IC. [​IMG]

    Can't help you with the MK-80008 either...
  3. Eleven of 9

    Eleven of 9 New Member

    Model #'s

    I have seen 3 PAL Saturns recently, all model 2 versions and all had the model # MK-80200A-50. 2 of them had the 64 pin chip and the other had the 32 pin chip.

    I have not yet seen a MK-80008 system, so I cannot help there [​IMG]
  4. racketboy

    racketboy Member

    Model #'s

    bump for any addtional information anybody might have
  5. RitualOfTheTrout

    RitualOfTheTrout New Member

    Model #'s

    Using model #s to identify whats inside your saturn is not an exact science due to the fact that certain models are produced over sevral months and in different locations. This means that even if a certain model had the revsion to the 32 Pin IC any left over parts were probably used up as they became avaiable hence why some models are different. Since EUR saturns do not have the month and year printed on the bottom of the system it is basically impossible to determine what time in a particular models production time it was actually made.

    As for the MK-80200, it probably is a 64 pin IC. I base this on the fact that EUR model numbers are very similar to the US except they have a 2 in place of the third digit. That being said I can place the time period of production of these systems to about 8/95 to 3/96. This means that these systems are either model 1s or the very first incarnation of the model 2. Basing this on what I have just said Model# MK-80201 may be your best bet at securing a 32 pin IC but I have no way to really test this theory other than buying up a bunch of those models and opening them up and seeing whats going on inside.

    From what I can gather the MK-80008 falls in the same category as MK-80200.

    All of this is just theory however, if anyone has some information to prove or disprove this it would be nice to see.

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