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Moving Out

Discussion in 'General' started by maidtina, Jun 7, 2002.

  1. maidtina

    maidtina New Member

    Hiya, On saturday i'm moving out of my flat. I cannot move my ADSL easily so it might be a long time till i can get back here. If i get the chance i'll drop in at work but i dont know when i can. I'm gonna go on a mass downloading spree tonight as my last night. Get some anime and hopefully a mega CD or two. Will try and get sonic CD again and hopefully third time lucky it will work!

    Anyway, C-ya all soon. I'll try to keep tabs on you and i'll move the DSL as soon as i can afford it

    Rich aka soldermonkey
  2. Nadius

    Nadius Member

    yeah, come back soon now, ya hear?

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