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Need help with Sonic CD

Discussion in 'Genesis/Mega Drive' started by ShadowLord, Apr 13, 2002.

  1. ShadowLord

    ShadowLord New Member

    I'm new to this. I downloaded Sonic CD... it came in iso + mp3s form.

    From what I understand from the FAQs, when I load the ISO in Kega, the game should start right? But I'm brought to a music player instead. What's wrong?
  2. mistermethod

    mistermethod New Member

    just go to http://go.to/gens and get the latest version

    also you need the bios files of the different versions... if you don't give me your e-mail so i can send them to you
  3. ShadowLord

    ShadowLord New Member

    It does the same thing in Gens

    And I already have the bios files. How do you think the music player thingy can appear without them? :/
  4. ShadowLord

    ShadowLord New Member

    Turns out I had a bad rip after all.

    Works now.

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