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Need quick help, please read

Discussion in 'Saturn' started by zhoumann, May 5, 2002.

  1. zhoumann

    zhoumann New Member

    How is the Saturn CD for a game (say Shining Force III) suppose to be structured? I burned a bin/cue file of SHF3 and it has two tracks, a data and an audio track.

    HOWEVER, the audio track is very messed up and plays back as a bunch of gabled, high-pitched noise on my computer.

    Was that suppose to be:

    in actuality ANOTHER data track, or

    an audio track made just for the Saturn so its playback is messed up on my computer or any normal CD player (meaning what I burned is fine), or

    an audio track that's suppose to playback normally on any CD player?

    Someone please help confirm this for me, because I have no idea if I have a corrupted file to begin with in the first place. And yes, I know how to burn CD images correctly.

  2. mal

    mal Member

    AFAIK it's meant to be a data track and an audio track.

    It should be able to be played in your computer or CD player.

    Maybe try checking the bin file for problems with CDMage.

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