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NEEDED: Your knowledge of saturn!

Discussion in 'Saturn' started by yanne64, Oct 2, 2001.

  1. yanne64

    yanne64 New Member

    I am hunting down some nice cover scans of Saturn games (for artistic purposes) for my website. I am in need of your comments or reviews of saturn games as well. Currently I am previewing all the saturn games I have owned/played. I am capturing screenshots and movies. I hope to be the place to go for information on almost any Saturn game.

    I am also in need of scans of the actual saturn (inside or out) and the box(es) (front,back,side).

    If you think you can help, go to my website and email me there. Or if you want to check out the games I previewed, visit:


    I have over 300 games previewed. Look for further updates.
  2. Satwebmaster33

    Satwebmaster33 New Member

    Yeah, this is my friend Rysley's website and it is the best one for HQ sega Saturn covers!
  3. Satwebmaster33

    Satwebmaster33 New Member

    BTW, this a VERY nice site you have! :)

    What did you use to make your screenshots?
  4. Daniel Eriksson

    Daniel Eriksson New Member

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