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Nester 6.0

Discussion in 'Dreamcast' started by Ratamahatta, Mar 26, 2002.

  1. Ratamahatta

    Ratamahatta Member

    Has anyone used this emu yet? if so do tell what its like, any good for the FF series or DW series?
  2. lockecole2

    lockecole2 New Member

    just burned nester 6 using mkisofs/ipins/iso2mac (seems 1st_read.bin was already set for 11700)

    final fantasy seems to work perfectly so far. havent tried DW, but i would imagine it would work the same.

    work perfectly = full frames, correct colors, pretty perfect sound, savefile and savestate saving (if you have a vmu with enough space) and roms can be burned directly to the emulator disc.

    pretty much nesterdc 5 with rock ridge support added imo.

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  3. Supergrom

    Supergrom Member

    Savestate saving? as in save anywhere?

    and is there any problems with flashing sprites? I remember a couple versions ago i was playing Ninja Gaiden, and i got hit and i would have been "blinking" on a real NES, but i just became invisible for a little while. Same with Mega man. Is this fixed yet?
  4. lockecole2

    lockecole2 New Member

    yeah, but it takes quite a bit of space on the vmu.

    from the readme :

    i havent tried ninja gaiden or mm yet, dunno why i forgot them.
  5. Ratamahatta

    Ratamahatta Member

    The only other prob i'm having is selfbooting the disc. I have lal the files, extracted the roms from another nester disc i had, followed everything the jimboot program told me to do and errors, ip.bin was corrupt or something along those lines.

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