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Networking xp to xp

Discussion in 'Computer's Discussion' started by gofamon, Apr 16, 2002.

  1. gofamon

    gofamon New Member

    Heres the deal. I have two computers (desktop and laptop), both running XP Pro. I have them hooked up to a router. Both of the computers can access the Internet fine. Now here's the trouble, the laptop can see the desktop, but the desktop cant see the laptop. I have all the same stuff installed on both network cars (Client for MS Networks, QoS Packet Scheduler, File and Printer Sharing for MS Networks, Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)) and I am sure that they are on the same workgroup. If anyone can provide any assistance I'd appreciate it.
  2. Arakon

    Arakon New Member

    got netbeui installed on both?
  3. gofamon

    gofamon New Member

    Just installed it from the XP CD, still nothing [​IMG]
  4. gofamon

    gofamon New Member

    got it to work, I had something under my Administrative Tools disabled

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