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Discussion in 'Retro Video Games' started by Wayne Endrigo, Oct 24, 2001.

  1. Wayne Endrigo

    Wayne Endrigo New Member

    Help me to make a New Wolrd of Games, Send yours 3DO games to FTP Server, This server will're running soon...Thanks

    IP - Port - 8080

    User- 3do

    Pass- 3do
  2. CowboyBR

    CowboyBR New Member

    Hi Wayne, its great a SegaCD and 3DO lover in Brazil, maybe I'll help you.

    You are from Vitoria - ES right?

    ok see u!
  3. Wayne Endrigo

    Wayne Endrigo New Member

    Yes, I'm Live in Vitória E.S, How do u know??

    And U Where do U live??? Send me a e-mail to meet us.

  4. Wayne Endrigo

    Wayne Endrigo New Member

    The public IP Is
  5. CowboyBR

    CowboyBR New Member

    How I know?

    Remember.... You contact me using mercadolivre.com

    to buy segacd games and I'm still waiting for reply..



    It's me Jiancarlo Tortoza Bignelli
  6. Abu ow

    Abu ow New Member

    Cara, eu não consigo conectar no seu server ow!!!

    Tá complicado!!

    Po ae, você sabe onde eu arrumo aquela placa d 3DO pro PC???


    Falo cara!!!
  7. ExCyber

    ExCyber Staff Member

    Wayne: Are you just fooling around, or what?
  8. CowboyBR

    CowboyBR New Member

    No Wayne, No Idea where find a 3DO Blaster® from CREATIVE LABS(tm) try ebay, I'm looking for one too.

    I'll receive a 3DO FZ1 MPEG CARD soon!

    see ya!

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