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Open irc day and online game day!

Discussion in 'General' started by Mysticales, May 5, 2002.

  1. Mysticales

    Mysticales New Member

    Open IRC day for Sega community!

    Gather round on the 12th at 4pm est (10 pm for us in germany) for a open house irc day! Meet the authors of your favorite emulators and ask questions in live chat! The place is on EFnet in channel #tavern After the chat is over enjoy the first true meeting of online Kaillera with other GENS users. Games to be played under the server will be listed on that day. Hope to see you there!
  2. Gallstaff

    Gallstaff Member

    Hey wait... wasn't it me who thought of the kaillera gathering?
  3. Mysticales

    Mysticales New Member

    Huh, No....you only posted that here. I had this thought going on for awhile now on the GENS forum. That and I was in contact with everone to see when was a good date.
  4. Cynnamin

    Cynnamin New Member


    once again, taking credit and not giving where it is due.

    *rolls eyes*
  5. Curtis

    Curtis Member

    Whats the GMT of EST? (if you can figure out what I mean, you'l know the answer [​IMG] )
  6. Curtis

    Curtis Member

    poop [​IMG] That makes it 7am on the 13th here.
  7. SkankinMonkey

    SkankinMonkey Member

    Yes, it was...
  8. Gallstaff

    Gallstaff Member

    [​IMG] *pats self on back*
  9. Mysticales

    Mysticales New Member

    HUH Cyn? What did you mean by that????? If your trying to offend me thats mean! Your not even ON the Gens page or forum......Nor my mailing lists....Gall only brought it up here on SX.

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