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Playing Saturn games from cdr

Discussion in 'Saturn' started by opooh, Dec 14, 2001.

  1. opooh

    opooh New Member

    I have many saturn ISO however i am not aware how i can go about playing them.I have a sega saturn console but i do not think it can read cdr's.How can i play cdr burned games on my saturn or is there an emulator that plays it straight from the cdr or ISO?

    Also what program should i use to burn ISO's onto a cd?And what settings/config should it be on?Sorry if i sound like a noob to this, but i am:)

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  2. mal

    mal Member


    You need a modboard installed in your saturn or be able to do the 'swap trick' to get CDRs to run. you might even need to change the ISO's country code.

    There are a couple of saturn emulators, but both require very fast machines and run relatively poorly.

    As for CD burning, read up and get back to us.

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  3. Curtis

    Curtis Member

    I...see the...future...

    There are....flames...many, many flames....

    Also...there is an...angry face...an...#######(?)...who booms the words...."READ THE MISC. SECTION"

    So many flames...

  4. mal

    mal Member

    Yes some flames might be nice.

    It's been a bit quiet lately. :)
  5. opooh

    opooh New Member

    where can i get a mod board?and how can i install it
  6. mal

    mal Member

    First you pick a search engine.

    In this case Yahoo!.

    Type in 'Sega Saturn mod board' and click search.

    You'll probably get this result.

    Then, using your brain, choose the most appropriate search results. Probably this one or this one.

    Keeping up so far?

    If these results don't help, try further research. Maybe another search engine. Maybe you could search these boards.

    That took five minutes.

    Can you try on your own, or do you need another spoonful?
  7. opooh

    opooh New Member

    my sega saturns power and reset buttons are not complete circles, they are more like ovals turned sideways.Is this model one or two?
  8. IceDigger

    IceDigger Founder Staff Member


    model 1

  9. Stregano

    Stregano New Member

    #### man, use the swap method, u dont need a mod board. it tells you how in the misc. section
  10. mal

    mal Member

    Like I hadn't directed him to the Miscellaneous section already.

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