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Pseudo Saturn Kai official thread

Discussion in 'Saturn Dev' started by vbt, Nov 4, 2015.

  1. Joref

    Joref New Member

    I tried both things, and some properties changed, like how it loaded the Saturn Menu loaded when I lifted it slightly... But still, no Pseudo Saturn...
  2. Does the Saturn boot up fine without the cartridge in it? IE without pseudo Saturn.
  3. Joref

    Joref New Member

    Yes, it does.
  4. Odd, are you able to try and reflash it using the swap trick? See my video tutorial here (warning its long, feel free to skip what you don't need to see, its completely noob friendly):
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  5. linkoiram

    linkoiram New Member

    I am stuck at the "reading from Cd Rom" after doing the swap trick. I flashed the current sdm to a cdr and got into the menu, but it times out reading any of the firmwares in the firmware flasher screen.

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  6. cafe-alpha

    cafe-alpha Member

    Please give another try with pskai_alternate_flasher.iso, located in Pseudo Saturn Kai latest archive.
    Save Data Manager may sometimes cause problems with swap trick, while pskai_alternate_flasher.iso gives better results.
    (This issue is a a bit detailed in my blog)

    Even if swap trick doesn't works, please keep Save Data Manager CD-R so that you will be able to import pre-recorded game save data from it after installing Pseudo Saturn Kai ;)
  7. linkoiram

    linkoiram New Member

    Thanks, eventually I did get it to work, the alternate flasher didn't do the trick though.

    Now i'm having trouble with a specific game, cotton 2. The compatibility chart says it is compatible but whenever I test with jhl it gets stuck at reading disk data. I have a model 1 grey Japanese grey saturn so cwx never works for me. Is it a game that only works with cwx loader or some other problem. I've tried different rips of the game and also different Cd burns
  8. linkoiram

    linkoiram New Member

    I see the post on your blog about something similar happening. I'll test it with the self test when I get home so cwx loader will be fixed if that is the problem.
  9. linkoiram

    linkoiram New Member

    Main program didn't have an error, all good. Did eventually get it working. Cwx still rarely work, errors about 4/5 times, but jhl works about 2/3rds the time so that's feasible
  10. cafe-alpha

    cafe-alpha Member

    From the random repeatability of the problem, I guess this is due to a lack of affinity between CD-ROM drive and CD-R ?
    If you have the occasion, please try with CD-R from another brand. I don't guarantee this will improve something however.
  11. razor85

    razor85 New Member

    Reposting from reddit:
    Hi there, I just got an Action Replay (4 in 1) with an old version of Pseudo Saturn on it. I was thinking on reflashing the thing to the original Action Replay firmware, since I wanted to have a way to backup my saves (I also have a modded Saturn and ST-Key). Do you guys know if I can use any version of the action replay (from the Kai restore disk) or I should use a specific one?
  12. cafe-alpha

    cafe-alpha Member

    There's no real difference, expect regarding PC-link support. So if you don't plan to use PC-link then any flavor of Action Replay or Gameshark firmware should do the job :)
  13. Sandman316

    Sandman316 New Member

    Hi, I currently have a Game Shark and getting a Erase verification failed error message when trying to flash the Pseudo Saturn Kai Lite firmware. Here is a snapshot of the details of the cart :


    Is there anyway to flash this cart ?
    When I reboot it goes into the GameShark menu like normal.
  14. cafe-alpha

    cafe-alpha Member

    Oh, it's around the first time I have report from somebody using Pseudo Saturn Kai Demo :)

    Can you please take a picture of flasher utility screen, where flash ROM vendor/device IDs are displayed ? Theses IDs may give hint why flash ROM is not written correctly.
    And if possible, please post a picture of your Gameshark PCB : it is helpful to verify if flash ROM chips are supported by Pseudo Saturn Kai flash utility or not.
  15. Sandman316

    Sandman316 New Member

    Thanks, found the DEMO after digging around a bit. It's very useful :)
    The vendor and device ID were detected as unknown. Here is a picture of the PCB :

    After reading around, its seems to be a 1st gen Gameshark ( DATEL Ref 1110 board ... )
  16. vbt

    vbt Staff Member

  17. tempie temp

    tempie temp New Member

    Hey lo, I've got a old AR Plus (probably 20 years old) that I'm getting Write Verification Failure every time I try to flash it with any BIN (Kai, ARP).

    Is there anything I can do or is it toast?

    I'm trying this on a stock MK-80000 using swap trick.

    Also I have a Japanese model HST-3220 that I can't get the Kai disc booted with swap no matter what I do. Does the ISO need to be patched for NTSC-J? And before you ask, I am using a Japanese original game for the swap.


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  18. cafe-alpha

    cafe-alpha Member

    Arg, I forgot to reply to your post. Sorry !
    I have a similar Gameshark (this was a prize from C4-2005 contest :) ), and guess that it requires adjustment of position in cartridge slot. My Gameshark was very picky regarding that, and required something like 10 retries until booting correctly.
    Theses flash chips are supported by Pseudo Saturn Kai flasher, so there are chances to successfully install Pseudo Saturn Kai on it. But as quality of cartridge edge connector is so-so, you probably may prefer using an Action Replay cartridge.

    Shh, this is a surprise for Rhea/Phoebe users :)
    Latest version of Pseudo Saturn Kai features a better menu. I didn't had time to take a video on real hardware, so here is a gif taken from emulator instead.

    That's the first time I see the first sector filled with FFh after flashing, so it's likely your cartridge is bricked, sorry.
    This is not a 100% sure diagnostic, so if you have emough time, please give some other tries :)
  19. thebeautifulones

    thebeautifulones New Member

    Is it possible to configure Pseudo Saturn or PS Kai to behave like a stock Saturn (no splash screens/menus etc.) on boot when booting retail discs?
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