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Discussion in 'Game Help' started by jim993, Dec 20, 2001.

  1. jim993

    jim993 New Member

    Is there any way of making the shooting sequences in the game easier? i tried downloading some trainer off of a site deticated to snatcher, but it didn't work and didn't seem to do anything(lol after screwing with virus programs myself i'm paranoid so i quarantined it and am going to send it to norton's site LOL).
  2. IceDigger

    IceDigger Founder Staff Member

    uhm.. there's absolutely no need to make them any easier.

    they ARE easy.
  3. SkankinMonkey

    SkankinMonkey Member

    the snatcher shootings are ass easy, even with a controller
  4. jim993

    jim993 New Member

    i get to the shooting ones at the end and keep getting slaughtered(i'm using a keyboard and sometimes i think since i'm mashing so many keys i don't always hit the insectiods). Anyone know anythign about that trainer i downloaded(to supposedly make the life meter never run out or something like that)?
  5. E Nice

    E Nice New Member

    The new Insectors are not the same as the first ones you fought earlier in the game. Don't blast away like you did with tose others. Let them land , then wait maybe half a second or something, then fire. They won't jump around so much then. If you just blast as soon as the land they'll hop away. Let them land and give them some time to settle in and then fire. You'll have to use your best judgement on that. Course you still have to keep up with the pace and sheer numbers that come at you and that's a different matter.

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