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Ripping 3D from SS games

Discussion in 'Saturn' started by Nightstalker, Aug 30, 2018.

  1. Nightstalker

    Nightstalker New Member

    Greetings. I've been struggling for a while now trying to rip some models from Resident Evil. Using Ninja Ripper or 3D Ripper DX with SSF emulator didn't work at all and all I got was just a flat picture:
    I also tried Yabause with GLIntercept but it spits out a lot of sprites instead, probably texture parts assigned to each quad. I'd like to know if there're any other possible ways to rip 3D from SS in a proper way. Thanks in advance.
  2. mrkotfw

    mrkotfw Member

    You'll have to find out how the models are stored and extract from there. It's expected that you're getting a bunch of sprites, because that's what the models consist of: distorted sprites.

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