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Discussion in 'Saturn' started by DarkX, Nov 8, 2001.

  1. DarkX

    DarkX New Member

    What are good RPGs for the Saturn?

    They should be at least in English...

    I play "Shining Force 3 - 1" these days, but it's more a strategic battle-simulator than a real roleplaying-game for me, because there is no freedom for where to head your steps and there are no random fights...
  2. Shentar

    Shentar New Member

    I can think of two in English right off the top of my head. Dark Savior, which I haven't played much. I can't really remember much about it, so I can't explain much about it. And Shining the Holy Ark, which I think is good. It's a first person view, which is kinda strange at first, but is good once you get used to it.

    If you didn't mind so much about it being in English I'd suggest Grandia, as that's one of my favorites, but on Saturn that's only in Japanese.
  3. Daniel Eriksson

    Daniel Eriksson New Member

    Here is a list of very good Saturn Rpgs (in english) that are my favorits! And the best ever made!

    Dark Saviour

    Shining The holy Ark

    Shinin Force III

    Shining Wisdom

    Magic Knight Rayearth

    Albert Odysee the legend of eldean

    Dragon Force

    Story of thor 2 (it is named something else in US, but i don´t remember it.)

    Phantasy Star Collection (Sega Ages). (not shure if it is translated).

    Those games are really great!
  4. MasterAkumaMatata

    MasterAkumaMatata Staff Member

  5. Curtis

    Curtis Member

    Yeah...Strange isn't it?

  6. ExCyber

    ExCyber Staff Member

    The Story of Thor 2 is called Legend of Oasis in the US.
  7. Despa

    Despa New Member

    Shining the Holy Ark is a good game, though it's made me sick (literally) more times than I can count on my hands and feet. The mazes get so confusing you just start whirrling around sometimes.. such whirling makes me dizzzzzy. Panzer Dragoon Saga is also a GREAT rpg. If anyone ever tells you saturn wasn't made for games like FF8, with fmv and all, show them that.. There are so many fmv movies it's almost annoying, but it's a cool game, definately worth a try. Uh.. other than that.. I think that's it, for english. Sorry :(
  8. Fabrizo

    Fabrizo New Member

    I only own one RPG for my saturn: Panzer Dagoon Saga. I must say it has to be the BEST game I have ever played for the system, in any catagory. I also think its the only demestic (if not world wide) saturn game to ever reach 4 disks. Very nice.
  9. MasterAkumaMatata

    MasterAkumaMatata Staff Member

    Enemy Zero (U) is also 4 discs. The FAQ says so:

  10. herrgafgarion

    herrgafgarion New Member

    i think albert odyssey is the best saturn rpg
  11. Shaneus

    Shaneus New Member

    Enemy zero, thats a FMV type game is it?
  12. Fabrizo

    Fabrizo New Member

    Yea, it has the same main character as the D games as well. Cant remember her last name, but her first was laura (note: last name not croft)
  13. Shentar

    Shentar New Member

    How did I forget PDS!?!?!?!? I love PDS. It was well worth the money I spent on it. $125. Actually, I got it at $110, but for some reason I threw in $15 last minute. To be nice I guess.
  14. Mo Threat

    Mo Threat New Member

    Enemy Zero isn't an FMV game. It more like Resident Evil or Deep Fear. The chick who was the voice in E_Z is the singer from Lucious Jackson.

    Oh, and PanzerDS in fully off tha chain.
  15. Daniel Eriksson

    Daniel Eriksson New Member

    How could i forget Panzer Dragoon Saga. It is really one of the best , if not THE BEST, rpg ever.

    Also, there is Shenmue. It is not really an rpg, i have it and i like it, it got a really eerie fealing. It is an fmv game, but a very good one.

    It scared my little brother, he doesn´t dare to watch me play it anymore. :)

    There is also Virtual Hydlide for Saturn. It is an action rpg that has REAL BAD grafics, but a cool different engine, with huge random worlds and some nice light effects. (a bit into the game, in a cave, it think it was the first Saturn game that used that type of light effects.)

    But sadly enough mostly Saturn rpgs are japanes, but if you can het over that there is fantastic games like Grandia to play. Check www.sega-saturn.com and check the rpg section!
  16. Daniel Eriksson

    Daniel Eriksson New Member

    Gee, didn´t know what i was thinking of. In the above post i ofcourse mean Torico, not Shenmue ;) .
  17. Daniel Eriksson

    Daniel Eriksson New Member

  18. Daniel Eriksson

    Daniel Eriksson New Member

    Another great English Saturn rpg is Mystaria (Riglord Saga). It is a real great game. It is like Shining Force III, but you can walk (or fly on a dragon later ingame) around the world freely and do what you want. There are many towns and lots of carakters.
  19. Shentar

    Shentar New Member

    I might add that Mystaria also goes by the name of Blazing Heroes. I can't remember why they changed the name, though. So Blazing Heroes is basically the same game as Mystaria (I think they changed some things when they changed the name to Blazing Heroes).
  20. NeoZeed

    NeoZeed New Member

    If you're looking for a good rpg on the saturn, and don't mind spending the money, head for the rarer imports. My picks : Chaos seed, shin megami Tensei, Tengai makyou, meltylancer.

    Panzer saga is an incredible game, if you come across the game ( good luck ), don't hesitate, buy it.

    If you like shining force 3, then you'll go nuts for sakura 2.

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