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SailorMoon 3DO Game

Discussion in 'Retro Video Games' started by YamasaPolice, Apr 1, 2002.

  1. YamasaPolice

    YamasaPolice New Member

    I have been looking everywhere for this game and I have not been able to find it anywhere except for ridiculous prices on eBay. If anybody knows where I can download a copy of the game, since I am basically strapped for cash... I would appreciate it. Games are hard to find for the system in stores now. Thanks!
  2. VertigoXX

    VertigoXX Mid Boss

    #3do on Infatech IRC. At least three Fservs in there have it.
  3. YamasaPolice

    YamasaPolice New Member

    I tried looking in there and nobody replied to anything. Would anybody happen to know a FTP site I can check? Thanks.
  4. Gallstaff

    Gallstaff Member

    do you know what an fserve is? YOu just type !*name* you don't ask people for it.
  5. Cloud121

    Cloud121 Member

    This is probably the oldest topic I've ever replied to but..


    Who made it?

    What kinda game is it

    When did it come out?

    Where can I get it?

    How does it play?
  6. VertigoXX

    VertigoXX Mid Boss

    It was a 2D fighter, and it sucked.
  7. lordofduct

    lordofduct Member

    HOLY SHIT, who the hell licensed that game... im very surprised seeing all the shit that was only released for the thing... except for alone in the dark, thats the ONLY reason i own the thing.
  8. CrazyGoon

    CrazyGoon Member

    Come now - 3DO has Gex and Return Fire, both of which I think came out on this console before any others. And 3DO has the original Bust-a-Move, which I don't think exists on any other console (aside from the japanese release)..

    And I haven't even explored the greats of the 3DO yet, so there is bound to be more! :cool:
  9. lordofduct

    lordofduct Member

    Dont get me wrong, i own a 3DO, but i have yet to be wowed by anything unique to the system. and i dont mean graphically. See my body tillman owned one back a long time ago, before Gex was big on the PSX, and he owned like 60 games for the thing. I spent a whole night going through every game on the thing and only enjoyed GEX and Alone in the Dark. but it might of been the drugs too. That kid was cool wonder were he went, he had a cumquat tree, can you believe that CUMQUAT... dude Florida has sooo many cool people, to bad it sucks here.
  10. De.

    De. New Member

    Actually, it wasn't bad.

    I liked the background and the animation so closely resembled the anime.

    I'd say it's one of the better Sailor Moon games.

    This game would have been FANTASTIC had the gameplay been improved.

    It is unheard of in the US because Panasonic didn't bring the game over. Sailor Moon was airing in the US (that horrible dub! :angry: ) but stopped for a few months. That gave Panasonic some qualms about the move and they changed their mind.

    In Japan, the game sold well! Bandai event had a 2day-Sailor Moon 3DO show in Tokyo! And this game looked absolutely fantastic then! Actually, it still does now though. Okay, the gameplay sucked but it has a certain anime touch to it few anime games have. Kinda hard to explain it.

    A must have for Sailor Moon fans!!!!

    It pops up on Ebay once in awhile.
  11. DeGamer

    DeGamer New Member

    Sailormoon for the 3DO is pretty good. Sure it's no street fighter, but it's good. I can only imagine if it was Capcom that made that game. Yu YU Hakusho is a good fighter as well.

    BTW, I am the only one selliing Sailormoon for the 3DO on ebay at the moment (along with a load of duplicate games I have).
  12. De.

    De. New Member

    What's the item number? I can't seem to find it
  13. Cloud121

    Cloud121 Member

    With Anime, I don't care if it's subbed or dubbed, but I HATED Japanese Sailor Moon.
  14. aaron

    aaron New Member

    bust-a-move was released stateside on the super nes in 1995. BAM.
  15. dj898

    dj898 New Member

    here you go!

  16. dj898

    dj898 New Member

    I got factory sealed copy off Yahoo Japan recently.

    cost me 2500 yen...
  17. Jedi Master Thrash

    Jedi Master Thrash New Member

    I just got Sailor Moon for the 3DO! :banana

    The prior comments are about right. Basically, if you're in any way a fan of Sailor Moon, like I am, you'll love the game. If you're just a fighter fan checking out street fighter clones, you'll probably be disappointed.

    Just to verify, it works fine on a US FZ-1 3DO without any tricks or mods.

    The first cool part is the intro. It starts out with a 2-D animation that morphs into 3-D, and then the entire opening sequence/theme from the original Sailor Moon TV show is done in 3-D.

    We were actually a bit worried that maybe the in-game characters were going to be in 3D as well, but nope, luckilly the gameplay graphics are all 2D.

    The only downside is that the in-game animation/motion feels a bit jerky. Not quite as smooth as I'd expect on a 32-bit system (or even the Genesis). But the backgrounds are full-parallax and the graphics are all colorful.

    One bonus is that there is zooming. So the stage view widens as you go farther apart and shrinks as you get closer together. A feature not too common in early 2-D fighters.

    The best part is the special moves. Each character has 4, and they are of the toward-down-toward-back-punch variety. And they are all the original character moves from straight the TV show. One of the moves is a power move, and requires that your power meter be charged before performing, but it is the biggest move and does lots of damage. It's usually the move they finish off the bad guy with in the show.

    The entire solar system of Sailor Scouts is playable, which is sweet. The only downside is that none of the negaverse characters are playable, so there aren't any bad guys in the game. Kinda weird if you think about it. :blink:

    Doesn't seem like there's any fatalities either.

    Oh, and there's a com. vs. com. mode :huh

    The 3DO controllers don't have very good action on the D-pad though. I need to find a couple of those capcom ones.

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