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Sega CD Burning

Discussion in 'Genesis/Mega Drive' started by ryoko2002, Apr 8, 2002.

  1. ryoko2002

    ryoko2002 New Member

    Can some kind soul please help in the best way to burn Sega CD ISO's which are also coupled with MP3's.

    Also the best progs to do this.

    Thanx to you people.
  2. alpharogue

    alpharogue New Member

    Grab Easy CD Pro 95 from this webpage in the miscellaneous section. Install it on your computer and then open the program select "Burn Image from Mixed Mode" in the options, then Drag all of the mp3's in order of tracks in the audio window, go to the data file section for the ISO and browse to the file for the path. After all of that go to the burn options tab-(On the far left at the top of the window and set to 2x burn.) Make sure that you unselect the test write feature unless you want it to test before actual burn. After all of that proceed to click "Write" or "Copy" -(I can't remember the actual button that means the same thing.) Let it go and it will ask you if you want to burn the audio; click "OK" and the program will commence writing to the disc the ISO and MP3s in mixed mode. It should work!
  3. ryoko2002

    ryoko2002 New Member

    Thanx...also I have a European MegaCD and have some ISO's which I have no idea what region they are.

    Any prog that can tell me when country code it is and change it?
  4. alpharogue

    alpharogue New Member

    Edit to last reply: You will need to convert the Mp3s to WAV before using Easy CD PRO! Sorry, forgot about that. Use a program like Winamp to convert the mp3s to WAVs. check on www.google.com search engine or in the miscellaneous section on this site for assistance as well. SORRy About that.
  5. alpharogue

    alpharogue New Member

    For your last question; grab SCDConv to see what country it is, once again, in the misc. section. Everything you need to know about burning and changing country codes before writing back to disc is in that section; it is your friend.
  6. ryoko2002

    ryoko2002 New Member

    Cheers for all your help Alpharogue.....I'll burn these games today and test them....

    Can't wait to play Snatcher again......loved that game..

  7. alpharogue

    alpharogue New Member

    Grab MP3 2 WAV in the misc section; it is the best program for converting and the easiest to use for the task.
  8. alpharogue

    alpharogue New Member

    Cool, you are welcome. Yea Snatcher is awesome! I wish they would have brought Policenauts over to America too; I have the Japanese copy for the psx and I still have not figured out what to do on the game. Oh well. later.
  9. kevbec

    kevbec New Member

    nero 5.5 is the best you dont have to convert the wavs to mp3 if you use a cue sheet set up like this


    TRACK 01 MODE1/2048

    INDEX 01 00:00:00

    POSTGAP 00:02:00

    FILE "TRACK 02.MP3" MP3


    PREGAP 00:02:00

    INDEX 01 00:00:00

    FILE "TRACK 03.MP3" MP3


    INDEX 01 00:00:00

    FILE "TRACK 04.MP3" MP3


    INDEX 01 00:00:00

    FILE "TRACK 05.MP3" MP3


    INDEX 01 00:00:00

    you need to rename the file lines to the files you are useing and add any lines if nessary

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