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Sega GT Question

Discussion in 'Dreamcast' started by Shaneus, Sep 27, 2001.

  1. Shaneus

    Shaneus New Member

    Just picked up an import copy of Sega GT, and its called Sega GT Homologation Special... is this any different to the 'Normal' Sega GT?

    BTW Can I use the Utopia Boot Disc to play this on my PAL DC?
  2. Cynnamin

    Cynnamin New Member

  3. FLEABttn

    FLEABttn New Member

    It will boot, but I don't know if you will have slowdown or borders or not.
  4. Stigmata

    Stigmata New Member

    With regard to cars, homologation usually means that the manufacturer has built enough cars of a certain type to qualify for racing in a league/series that requires cars that have been built as production road cars - not just a purpose-built racecar but something that can be driven on the street. The O in GTO (as in Ferrari GTO) is for Omolagato - or Homologation in Italian. Ferrari built the road-going GTOs in order to qualify the car for entry into certain racing leagues.

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