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SegaCD Emulation...

Discussion in 'Dreamcast' started by Ragnorokk, Apr 2, 2002.

  1. Ragnorokk

    Ragnorokk New Member

    Does anyone know if it would be possible to make a SegaCD emulator for the Dreamcast? I was sitting around pondering the concept tonight... It would be AWESOME if someone were to make one, but unfortunately, I suck WAY too much at making useful programs to do any such creating myself. Just wondering what light other people could shed on the subject.
  2. Curtis

    Curtis Member

    Not just yet...there isn't really a working (legit that is) genny emulator yet, although there are a copule work in progress ones.

    There's no reason why it can't be done (I would think the CPU would be up to the task), just nobody has attempted one yet.
  3. soup or man

    soup or man New Member

    That would explain the awful sound i get from the one i have.
  4. Curtis

    Curtis Member

    That's probably the so called "segagen" that was ripped fro the Sega Smash Pack Vol 1. I think that it was a port of Kgen, but done by Sega itself. As you noticed, the sound was not of the best quality.
  5. soup or man

    soup or man New Member

    hah, much like the smash pack. that thing was utter crap.
  6. rcefiro

    rcefiro New Member

    Yeah I wish I didn't buy the Smash Pack. (I didn't get the Dreamcast w/ it just the game for $30). The emulation really really sucks in there, so I did buy most of the Genesis games on there so I can enjoy them again.

    But back to the original topic of the Sega CD emulator on Dreamcast. That would be really cool, I remember reading when Ages was pretty new that once he got the emulation down better he would try to convert it to Dreamcast and call it DCAges (Sega CD backwards ;) ). But I don't really know if that's going anywhere yet.
  7. mtxblau

    mtxblau Mid Boss

    I know the emulation is fairly lousy, but could anyone tell me where I could pick up that ripped emulator off of the Smash Pack?

    Thanks a million,

  8. Dyne

    Dyne New Member

    you really cant find it anywhere anymore. dcemulation used to have it until it was deemed as warez...so they had to take it down.
  9. Ratamahatta

    Ratamahatta Member

    People would still have it on their computers, I have 3 burned copies of the thing laying around my house somewhere.
  10. mtxblau

    mtxblau Mid Boss

    How big is it, exactly? Is it possible that someone could perhaps rip a copy for me? I'm more than willing to trade for it...

    Why? Why not? =)

  11. Ratamahatta

    Ratamahatta Member

    I forget the size really, it wasnt that big.
  12. MethodGit

    MethodGit New Member

    So lemme get this, SegaGen was considered as warez because Sega was using it for their Smash Pack release, therefore making it a commercial not-for-free emulator? Even though it's a bit crap in some aspects of Genesis/Mega Drive emulation? :biggrin: And I should know, I also have the pack, though I didn't necessarily pay for it (think I'll shaddup now). The closest we've got to an existing and available for free Gen/MD emu is DCGenerator, but I've been rather put off getting it by the list of cons on DCEmulation's page for it.

    I can cope with DCEmulation choosing to remove SegaGen, but to demand that the word never ever be even uttered again on their forums is somewhat taking it too far, don't you think? :(
  13. ExCyber

    ExCyber Staff Member

    Not really. "SegaGen" is a BS name invented by 007Cheater (I think) that should never have been used in the first place...
  14. eatpenguin

    eatpenguin New Member

    and we all love to hate 007Cheater >:)
  15. Trenton net

    Trenton net New Member

    ConsoleVision is so much more respected.

    DCEmulation is just up to make money. It doesn't matter if its legal or not, selling child labor, or stealling software from people. If no one makes a fuss about it, they will post it online just to make more money and get hits.
  16. Curtis

    Curtis Member

    Perhaps that is just a little extreme? DCEmu is alright, it's just that it's a haven for warez kiddies who want an N64 emulator made for DC...now! (or quake2 ported, or starcraft proted, or wndows XP ported, etc etc)

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