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Skinny Puppy

Discussion in 'Music' started by lordofduct, Aug 25, 2004.

  1. lordofduct

    lordofduct Member

    yeah, like back in june i drove all the way to philadelphia to see Skinny Puppy in concert. Had a wonderful time and covered in pigs blood, see my profile for proof. EEEEEEEEyy. so then i just found out they decided to make a stop by Orlando FL. Which is like so much closer, YEY. Me and tara are going.... anyone here ever even here of em'. If so, GO.
  2. trecheroustara

    trecheroustara New Member

    skinny puppy <3 their gonna be so awsome live. i cant wait to go.
  3. Xavier

    Xavier Mid Boss

    om yeah deja vu

    maybe they stop in Indiana , have the tour list ?
  4. lordofduct

    lordofduct Member

    They already finished their original US tour, but they decided to come back for a few more shows.
  5. trecheroustara

    trecheroustara New Member

    When do tickets go onsale for the fl show
  6. cherok

    cherok New Member

    I can't see a Calgary stop on their topur list, or anywhere in Canada for that matter. Damn

    What did you folks think of the new cd? Personally, I even like the failure dubbed "Process" more than this new release. It's lacking the punch
  7. lordofduct

    lordofduct Member

    They are in canada right now... thats there tour for after canada... they are doing a second tour of us and thats it...

    www.skinnypuppy.com and you can find there tour info.

    oh and its sept 5th they go on sale tara...

    And i love there new cd, i like ogre's change over the years. Although it aint anything like there old stuff, its not bad either. There show though, WOW, ogre still has that down pact. A delicious interactive show, and key is amazing live. I cant believe someone can pull off the shit he does live.
  8. trecheroustara

    trecheroustara New Member

    actually sir dylan...10.28 Skinny Puppy House of Blues Orlando

    Lake Buena Vista, FL on sale 09.04 <---the 4th it says. :D
  9. lordofduct

    lordofduct Member

    my memory isnt as good as i thought it was i guess. i was just pulling that from my head, i cant look at the website here at work cause we dont get flash or java.
  10. Xavier

    Xavier Mid Boss

    who knows if ill ever be able to see them , im not a concert fan but I hear they put on a hell of a show .

    See my post below about machines of loving grace the album concentration is very good , i you like skinny puppy youll love it .

    My favorite album is rabies but I havent liked some of there other albums i have or heard , what would you suggest ?
  11. Dud

    Dud Member

    I'm listening to Skinny Puppy ~ Remission & Bites, right now. I'm liking it so far, but I'm not much of a music fan. I like all sounds in general (that is hard for most people to understand what I mean), so my opinion isn't worth shit.
  12. lordofduct

    lordofduct Member

    Well remission kicks ass, its the easiest album to listen to. DO NOT listen to "the process" it blows ass. My personal favorite is "mind the perpetual intercourse" i like to sleep to that album.

    Hrmmm, but id suggest for older stuff either Remission or Vivisect VI. And try their newest album just to see there change over the years.

    And there concerts are the shit, i had the best time of my life in Philly.
  13. Dud

    Dud Member

    Well I've got Too Dark Park on the way, I'll try those ones too.

    I'm always looking for good listening :banana
  14. lordofduct

    lordofduct Member

    too dark park some good shit there.... the legite disk has some cool extras also. i forwarn you though, NEVER, listen to this stuff on acid... myself and my friend brian are the only people ive meet who can handle that. So unless you know how to put yourself to sleep on the stuff, dont listen to SP on it.

    Oh, and if your like me and like the lyrics and singing of Nivek ogre (the guy ranting alot) check out his solo band Ohgr... theres two albums under it, and they are some sick shit with some of the greatest vocal sculpting ive heard in a long time. That fucker can do some sick shit with his voice and a lil' sound box.

    oh and better yet... some tracks instead of albums you should here...

    Assimilate (bites)

    Testure (Vivisect VI)

    Smothered Hope (Remission) screw that the entire remission album

    The Choke (bites)

    tin omen (bites)

    Worlock (rabies)

    yeah, thats some of there best shit right there... and always listen to TFWO TOTALY FUCKIN' WEIRDED OUT
  15. Dud

    Dud Member

    Why are there four albums with similar names? (Remission, Bites, Remission & Bites, Bites & Remission)

    Anyway I finished Too Dark Park, TFWO was probably my favorite track. But Remission & Bites was infinitely better, I love every track on it. Especially Smothered Hope and Far too Frail.
  16. lordofduct

    lordofduct Member

    well remission and bites was supposed to be one album. But to many songs were on them so they split it in two. They released as one in europe before splitting it though with fewer tracks. Then after splitting it, they went and rereleased it as a single album with the title backwards.
  17. lordofduct

    lordofduct Member

    YES, they are coming here to ft. lauderdale now, no traveling to orlando... im going on the 29th with EVERYONE.... a pack of like 20 of us is walking on up in that shizzy.

    maybe i should also go to the orlando show too, its only 2 hours away.
  18. kahuna

    kahuna Guest

    Any of you guys ever see the video for Worlock? It never made it to MTV because it was banned for being too gory. I had the pleasure of seeing it on a public access channel about 13 years ago.

    I haven't listed to skinny puppy for a long time. Are they any good without Dwayne?

    I remember enjoying Worlock, Spasmolytic, Tim Omen (Of course), anything on too dark park...
  19. Dud

    Dud Member

    I just watched it a minute ago, that video is on Launch.com. :thumbs-up:
  20. lordofduct

    lordofduct Member

    Worlock isn't on LAUNCH... Pro-test is, unless they have it for those who have a pay account or something! Oh, Kahuna, I have tons of SP videos including the extended uncensored version of Worlock (its not THAT gory though! I dont get the hoopla, i mean yeah it can kinda turn your stomach) I have all MTV videos and the underground junk that they used in the concerts back in the late 80's. When I get home I can post a site that has a good deal of it for DL, or you know there are other ways.

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