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sonic cd beta

Discussion in 'Genesis/Mega Drive' started by augias, May 31, 2002.

  1. augias

    augias New Member

    Which is the right version of the game sonic cd beta?

    I've got a US-version and a PAL-version, but I think that they have been possibly hacked with scdconv, and that it was japanese originally.

    I believe this because the corresponding sound files seem to be the japanese ones. So my question is, is the original version of sonic cd beta really the japanese one or is it the US one, that came with japanese sound tracks.

    P.S. does the sonic cd jap have 30 soundtracks or am I missing some? (the US version has 34)

    very confusing...
  2. Random Hajile

    Random Hajile New Member

    There Are 3 Known Sonic CD betas and ALL 3 are supposed to be in US mode, since these were the versions sent to the US during the game's devolopment.

    If they WERE converted from the Japanese country code, then it was Sega who did it back in 93'

    There are supposed to be 34 audio tracks for ALL release versions of Sonic CD.
  3. augias

    augias New Member

    So which beta version is the one labeled "sonic510"?

    Also, when I don't press start at the title screen, the bonus level comes with the writing "the programmer has taken a nap" (the bonus scenes aren't playable).

    Are there differences between thevarious beta versions?

    What confuses me is that at the start of the beta version, the sega logo appears, while in the US full version, it doesn't.
  4. maidtina

    maidtina New Member

    My version of the beta doesnt even have sound files, i though that they wouldnt have been developed for it then. will have to find this version. The programmer has taken a nap? now that is an easter egg if ever i saw one!!! hehehehehe :) will find where i have hidden my version and see if it does that too
  5. Random Hajile

    Random Hajile New Member

    Sonic CD beta 5/10 is the earliest known beta version of Sonic CD.

    the version that you describe IS version 5/10.

    The bonus stages were not completed by the time beta 5/10 was produced, and this is why it's just a demo.

    There is tons of differences between 5/10 and beta 7/12 and the final. By the time 7/12 was finished the bonus stages were done, the levels were more completed and you could choose more of them without a cheat, the levels had more enemies, the artwork was more finalized and the music had been fine tuned.

    However the title screen music was the same from beta 5/10 it would not be changed to the final Jap/Eur title theme until the 9/20 version.

    What is often refered to as the third beta (AKA beta 9/20) doesn't seem to be any different from the US release version other than the fact that it has the Jap/Eur tunes.

    In fact I think 9/20 was just a prerelease for marketing ???

    All known betas have music, however some sites did not post the CDDA tracks with the ISO.

    The removal of the sega screen was just a decision the programmer made, they probably thought it wasn't needed so took it off.
  6. augias

    augias New Member

    Thanks for clearing it all up.

    One last question:

    Are the sound-files that came with my earliest beta really supposed to be only 30?
  7. Random Hajile

    Random Hajile New Member

    There are only 30 songs on Sonic CD beta 5/10 (although I have one version that has 31 songs, i dunno why)

  8. augias

    augias New Member

    Why I checked my Soniccdbeta5.10 directory again, and there are 31 songs after all!

    I wonder which one is the obsolete one? The 31st?

    Well, at least I don't have anything missing!

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