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Soundtrack Request Thread

Discussion in 'Nintendo Music' started by striker_vbulletin3_import16173, Dec 8, 2005.

  1. Do you NEED a special soundtrack to listen to in your mp3 player or on your computer? Do you miss the sounds of the carefree days when you could play for hours on end without worries?

    Post your request for a soundtrack here and either myself of Ian Van Dahl (hoping he's still around) Will try and get to it. First come first served. Requests would be more easily served if they were in this format:

    Name of Video Game: _______________
    System the Game is on: ________________ (Nintendo systems only please, in light of the forums)
  2. Misconduct24

    Misconduct24 New Member

    Baten Kaitos
    Nintendo Gamecube
  3. Misconduct24

    Misconduct24 New Member

    I read somewhere that all of the soundtrack links that involve tendoweb no longer work, so how about getting a link for


    Super Metroid
    Super NES

    that does work?
  4. Sure, I'll get on that, but who told you all the links don't work? Only the ones that are old and say AAC formatting do not work, and I am working to update those.
  5. DemoniusX

    DemoniusX New Member

    Prince of Persia : Sands of time
    Nintendo Gamecube

    Gunstar Super Heroes
    GameBoy Advance

    The different fighting tunes are stuck in my head!!! I hope this is possible, thanks :)
  6. PlasmaDavid

    PlasmaDavid New Member

    Bless you Tendoweb and your help for the non FTP users :)
  7. Any chance of getting RE 4 for GC? I'd love having that one.

    I also appreciate the work that goes into putting these OST's on the board. I'm a big fan of original soundtracks, so you have my thanks.
  8. The Roman

    The Roman New Member

    Any chance of Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask? The music in that game owned.
  9. DemoniusX

    DemoniusX New Member

    Since you guys were kind enough the first Time I requested the soundtrack ^_^ I would like to request another. By any chance could you get the "Killer Instinct Gold Cuts" soundtrack, thanks a million if you can.
  10. always_eight

    always_eight New Member

    Hi all
    I was wondring if its possibleto get the donkey kong country sound track cos i loved the aquatic ambiance tune and can't get it any where. thanks :D
  11. always_eight

    always_eight New Member

    Me again! :)
    I just thought of another one! Parodius ost from te snes would be cool too. :D
  12. always_eight

    always_eight New Member

    Only me!

    donkey kong country

    I just read that you like the requests done this way. :wink:
  13. always_eight

    always_eight New Member

    Well i managed to get the donkey kong OST from some where else! So...

    Thanx if its possible to get if not could some one reply plz?
  14. Is there a certain arranged track CD you want or just the OST? If it's just the straight OST I'll see what I can do.
  15. always_eight

    always_eight New Member

    Hi mate :D
    I just want to get the music in mp3 cos it has some memorable tunes. Thanx for replying man its appreciated :)
  16. I'll see what I can do for you. Stay tuned I should have something by weekend.
  17. sorraffy

    sorraffy New Member

    i dont see a mirror for Star Fox 64 and it has some good songs. Hows about that one? Thanks
  18. Altarium

    Altarium New Member

    golden sun on the gameboy advance
    Zelda: Ocarina Of Time - Symphony n64

    i posted this once already but now it's gone... so i guess if it disappears again i can assume my post is being deleted? or is it something else?
  19. goodmusic

    goodmusic New Member

    can u post this please, thanks

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