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the best home theater for a gamer

Discussion in 'General' started by ogami ichiro, Apr 6, 2002.

  1. ogami ichiro

    ogami ichiro New Member

    please i need help, i planing to buy a home theater not to expensive but in middle range price for say.

    i know that the home theater that i buy, should have dts compability, dolby surround 5.1, dolby prologic, mmmm what else

    but i dont know who made the best home theaters, the best sound fidelity...sony, yamaha......who?

    so please help me just put your suggestion i'll be very grateful

    and let me know the scential things (like dts) that must have the home theater

    instruct me!!! i dont want to made a wrong decision
  2. Quadriflax

    Quadriflax New Member

  3. Slurrey

    Slurrey New Member

  4. 3rdman

    3rdman New Member

    My suggestion is not to rush into anything...do the research. Go to www.audioreview.com and read what others think about the products they've bought and the prices they paid...you'd be surprised at the deals that are out there. Also check Ubid.com regularly for the items you want...I picked up my Harman Kardon AVR-310 for 380 bucks shipped brand new!

    Some rules of thumb...Don't mix and match speakers...especially the front three - pick a brand name and go with it. Stay away from Sony, Aiwa, and other mass market electronic makers. If you are on a budget you're better off with a more moderately equipped Denon, Marantz, Onkyo, or Harman Kardon than a 300 watt Sony amp with 56 DSP modes at the same price.

    If you can, build it one component at a time. This way you're sure to get the perfect components for you...you'll be able to save money inbetween for higher end hardware too.

    Lastly, TEST! Go to you're local electronics dealer and (if possible) listen to the speakers you want through the amp you want. Take music that you like with you so you'll have a better idea how they'll sound in your home.

    One last thing...DON'T BUY BOSE! They are (for the money) WAY overpriced in relation to their performance.

    BTW, this is my system...

    Harman Kardon AVR 310

    Polk Audio RT2000 mains

    (soon to be) Polk Audio CS400 center

    Polk Audio M3 rears (need to replace)

    TV - RCA F38310 HDTV 16:9

    DVD Xbox...hehe

    ...and its taken me about 5 years to put it together. :O

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