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Uplink PC to Genesis to use ROMS on console...

Discussion in 'Genesis - SCD - 32X Dev' started by likuidphreon, Mar 31, 2002.

  1. likuidphreon

    likuidphreon New Member

    Hi, I have had a question on my mind for a while:

    I have the original sega genesis (as do many others) and I was wondering if it is possible to create a "link cable" from say either a serial, parallel, or USB port which would essentially "dump" the ROM file and it's contents to the input of the console.

    To sum it up: use a ROM on the original console (I understand this might not have much to do with Emulation, but I didn't know if this was possible or not?)

    Maybe this could be done on a smaller scale first? I was thinking maybe a NES? Since a NES is 8bit and a serial port is 8bit...I am not very familiar on any of this so if my logic seems out of wack...let me know.

    No matter what, please reply to this email A.S.A.P. to let me know what you think, thank you.

    Sorry if you have seen this topic posted already.
  2. Ratamahatta

    Ratamahatta Member

    That could possibly work if you have a sega channel box, but it would require you to completely revamp the code used to play the games.
  3. maidtina

    maidtina New Member

    either that or spend out on a super magic drive or similar

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