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what cds can i use and program?

Discussion in 'Saturn' started by lasher88, Oct 12, 2001.

  1. lasher88

    lasher88 New Member

    hi, do 80 minute cds work with saturn iso burning? what about cdr-w?

    what program can i use to burn mp3 with iso. easy cd doesnt work for me
  2. CrazyTaxi

    CrazyTaxi New Member

    Yes 80 minute cdrs work

    CDRWs supposedly work if u adjust the intensity of the laser

    What operating system are you using?

    You can try NTI 3x...
  3. lasher88

    lasher88 New Member

    thanks for the reply crazy taxi. i use windoze 98
  4. Curtis

    Curtis Member

    Just use Easy CD Pro 95, as linked to in the Misc. section. It works great with all ISO's I've burnt.
  5. MasterAkumaMatata

    MasterAkumaMatata Staff Member

    If you do use EZ CD Pro 95, make sure to convert your MP3's to WAV first. AFAIK, EZ CD Pro 95 doesn't support MP3.

    Personally, I'd use CDRWin, but your burner has to be supported to be able to use it AND you need to know how to create and use cue sheets. And yes, it does support burning ISO (data) with MP3 (audio).
  6. Fabrizo

    Fabrizo New Member

    You can use any type of cd you want, cd-r or cd-rw, but cd-rw's are more expensive, more tricky to get to work, and can damage your system. I would stick to CD-R's, buy em in hundread packs, thats what I do.
  7. lasher88

    lasher88 New Member

    thanks for the replies people, but easy cd pro 95 doesnt work for me, i always get an error.

    and neither does cdr-win (beta 4a) adaptec create cd which came with my burner works but thats about all. i have an lg 12x. can anyone tell me why cdrwin doesnt work? it burns but the cd turns out empty (i used saturn cue sheet maker and the game i tried to do is magaman x 4. thanks
  8. Fabrizo

    Fabrizo New Member

    You burn them, but they end up blank. Hmmm, do you have it set for "write speed test" on the burning programs? Also, sometimes after burning an iso it will show up blank if you try to view it with your computer.
  9. MasterAkumaMatata

    MasterAkumaMatata Staff Member

    Are you using the demo version or full version with a valid key? The demo version should let you burn fine, but only at 1X.

    I'm assuming you have one of the following models that is supported by CDRWin:
    • LG/Goldstar 8041 / 8042 / 8080 / 8081 / 8082 / 8083
    • LG/Goldstar 8120 / 8160
    BTW, what Fabrizo wrote above does have some merit. After it's finished burning, take the CD-R out, press F5 to refresh, put it back in, press F5 to refresh again, and then view its contents on your computer.
  10. Cloud121

    Cloud121 Member

    what does AFAIK mean?
  11. MasterAkumaMatata

    MasterAkumaMatata Staff Member

    Put your mouse over it and click to find out. :)
  12. Cloud121

    Cloud121 Member

    ok, thanks Akuma. :)
  13. Zero 9

    Zero 9 New Member

    There are several good ways to burn ISO+MP3, I used to use ezcd, but now I've been just writing my own cuesheets and burning with cdrwin. You can use the newest version of nero to do that if cdrwin doesn't support your burner.
  14. y2kzorak

    y2kzorak New Member

    I used to have a LG 8x burner, but only for about 48 hours. The thing only made one good disc out of the first 12 I attempted to burn. Mine didn't like burning on any media with the green dye. It did one on a TDK, but I was so fed up with blanks that I returned it and got a Philips instead, which has been a joy ever since.

    My burner did something similar. It would go through the process of burning, but either 1)hang after the first track or 2)go through the entire process of burning, but nothing would be on the CD. I used (and still use) Easy CD Creator 4, and after a few reinstalls of the program and borrowing Deluxe from someone, I couldn't get one CD to come out right until I used the blue dye media. I'm sure you've probably tried other media, but it might be the answer. All I know is I'm never getting another LG product.
  15. ExCyber

    ExCyber Staff Member

    Nearly any program that can burn a mixed-mode Mode 1 + Audio disc should work. At a minimum, I know that the following programs work for at least some games:

    EZCD Pro



    Nero Burning ROM

    NTI CD Maker

    LG Electronics is Goldstar's new name, in case you didn't know...

    Hope this helps...
  16. y2kzorak

    y2kzorak New Member

    That's what I thought (about LG becoming Goldstar). I guess I should say I'm never getting another LG computer product. Maybe I was just unlucky.. Kinda like my DVD player. Reviews online say it's a piece of crap but it works just fine for me. Oh well.. Thanks for confirming my suspicions at least. :)
  17. megametalgreymon

    megametalgreymon New Member

    fireburner can also be added to the list

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