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What do you think of KOF 2001?

Discussion in 'Retro Video Games' started by G8Keypur, Mar 4, 2002.

  1. G8Keypur

    G8Keypur New Member

    I was just wondering if anyone has played KOF 2001.

    If so, what are your thoughts of it, and how does it hold up (gameplay wise) against the likes of the older KOF titles-94-2k. I am thinking of buying it for the Neo Geo

    (Aes) and would appriciate any comments. (it's very expensive-like most newer Neo Geo home carts)

    To be released March 13, if you're wondering.
  2. eatpenguin

    eatpenguin New Member

    from what i've been hearing, it's been getting mostly positive reviews. but honestly, i;ve never seen it anywhere.
  3. Raijin Z

    Raijin Z New Member

    After 94, I stopped caring.
  4. ShinJedah

    ShinJedah New Member

    You missed a couple of great games!
  5. Raijin Z

    Raijin Z New Member

    They're all the same old Krap. Pick your inane team of absurdly-colored fighters, fight all the other teams, beating them with your primary fighter. Defeat the retardedly powerful last boss, see a lame and confusing ending.
  6. FAKK2

    FAKK2 New Member

    WOW, If thats all you honestly see in the K.O.F. series Im sad for you...... :( I honestley was loosing intrest in my Neo Geo System when I bought Fatal Fury Special on home cart back in the day....I lost intrest for about 1 and 1/2 years and then I saw KOF 94 in the arcade.....After that beginning, of Ryo moving the hands and saying Ora Ora!! and Terry taking off his hat. and saying OK! Taunting each other...The little begginnings of each fight was intresting to see like before the mexico stage it shows the sign and moves to the side and the wall moves funny....then you get to the fighters..... etc...etc... I was amazed and to this day K.O.F. is the best Fighting series Ive ever played!! And Garou!! was great also, allthough KOF and Garou are BOTH part of the Fatal Fury Series....hence at the beginning of the Fatal Fury beginning the wall says The King of Fighters, and says that in the manual....Its all K.O.F. Tournament...but it just got better and better...

    but that is just my 2 cents....I love KOF.......and SNK vs Capcom 2 aint bad either.....
  7. eatpenguin

    eatpenguin New Member

    KOF is one mean mofo when it comes to fighting games ^_^ SNK puts so much dedication on the tiniest little detail for the limited audience it has for the series.
  8. FAKK2

    FAKK2 New Member

    #### yeah, I TRY to explain the detail they put in thier games compared to others that TRY to SIMULATE SNK Quality....Hair movement, eyes, fingers, voices even the way they taunt each other sometimes changes depending on who is fighting against whom...SNK Knows what 2D is ALL about!!! 2D games would allways be fun on the NeoGeo, yet I get a 2D games for my PS2 and Im bored in about 30 minutes.....SNK Has REAL detail in everything it does, #### even the signs you walk by in Metal Slug move back and forth, the sun sets, the flags wave so fluently.....UNREAL!! then you get a RARE JEM like Ninja Masters on Home Cart and TRUELY see the quality.....Stop and listen to the MUSIC in that game, its unbelievable.....the beat and instruments are simply Outstanding, NO FIGHTER compares in music like Ninja Masters.......I could go on and on all day, like the guitar strums for Samurai Shodown 4 on the Fire Boys stage.....God I can sit there and listen to the true quality all day..... So until my next long ass thread.....

    ORA ORA ORA!!!
  9. Cecilia Chen

    Cecilia Chen Ban Hammered

    Isn't King of Fighters rather choppy in terms of animation, gameplay, and graphic resolution when compared to games like Samurai Shodown, or Xmen SV SF?
  10. ExCyber

    ExCyber Staff Member

    I don't see why it would compare badly with SS in terms of resolution, since they're both on the same hardware which IIRC is fixed at 304x224 (yes, it really is that low; the artists just do a #### of a job with it). I'm not sure that a comparison with X-Men Vs. Street Fighter really makes sense, as KOF has a much less "cartoony" look and thus the overall effect is quite different, especially when it comes to subtle use of color to add detail (something vital on low-res hardware). As for animation quality, that's largely subjective, but the Vs. games and the later KOF games have a roughly comparable amount of graphics data per character. IMO, the early KOF games don't look that great, but the attention to detail in the later ones is excellent, and easily competes with X-Men Vs. Street Fighter.

    As for gameplay, KOF is a bit more strict about what works and what doesn't than the Capcom crossovers - it's more along the lines of Street Fighter 2, the Street Fighter Zero/Alpha series, Street Fighter 3, and Capcom Vs. SNK. In other words, it's an "old-school" technical fighter rather than a caffienated super-duper blow up the entire screen with cascading super moves fighter (though Neo Geo has one or two of those, too; I highly recommend Waku Waku 7, actually :)). Thus, comparing it to X-Men Vs. Street Fighter in terms of gameplay quality is a recipe for a holy war...
  11. Trenton net

    Trenton net New Member

    Actualy, As a matter of fact I have KOF 97, 98, and 99 and I noted that most peoples moves and animation was rather choppy and stiff. Not nearly as smooth at it should be. Some kick moves seemed to have only 2 or 3 frames of animation at most, and only some intro-animation seemed to be animated really well.
  12. ExCyber

    ExCyber Staff Member

    Yeah, with that many characters there's bound to be some choppiness somewhere. I've seen bits of it in '98 in particular. IMO the overall animation quality is beaten by Street Fighter 3, but that's not really fair since SF3 is on newer (and CD-based, IIRC) hardware. Garou is also better, but that's probably because it doesn't have as many characters and thus has more graphics data for each one.
  13. ShinJedah

    ShinJedah New Member

    What are RPGs?

    You controll a dumb stupid hero,you get to know some people they join your party,you beat the oh so bad all mighty evil and save the world.

    What are 3D Shooters.

    You see a stupid gun point it to other people and kill the using various wepons and walking through maze style constructions.

    What are 2D Shooters?

    You see a stupid dumb little plane,and dodge dumb looking bitmaped enemies.

    Yo u can't put it all that simple.If take games like that every game is like the last one.
  14. Dark

    Dark New Member

    KOF 98 is still the best kof out yet.

    Kof 2000 was a big change in the kof series.

    However kof 2001 was not that good. all because of the super cancels. If you needed to use the striker to make a good combo in kof 2000, now you can do a combo twice as big without any strikers... you can keep hitting with no stopping and eat up 4/5 of the oponents health .. so there is no much fun playing it.

    The developers canceled the striker system in kof 2002 and promised a new system better than ever.

    The teams and characters are confirmed and alot of characters added from GAROU MOTW, Fatal Fury and other Kof players that were removed in the newest games.

    NeoGeo is also going to release Capcom VS. SNK on Arcades, and currently making a kick ass game "rage of the dragons" , new cool gfx .. and chars.
  15. DBOY

    DBOY New Member

    In terms of story, KOF95-97 were the peak of the series.

    KOF98 had by far the best gameplay of the entire series but the story was an absolute joke. I tjust sucked as few things can. It didn't really even have a story. The music was mostly just the music fromt he earlier games except for some new tracks like In Spite of One's Age (one of my favorite songs in the game).

    From 99 on the series went downhill. 99 was pretty good but the number of characters was drastically reduced. Strikers provided an interesting new aspect of gameplay but were under control enough where they didn't dominate the game.

    2000 broke the formula. Strikers took over th egame and almost every character had ridiculous courner infinite combos you could do thanks to now being able to call strikers during a move. This was abused to death. The music was also incredibly lackluster. There were some interesting new character additions and a pretty good cast, but infinites really sucked the fun out of it.

    2001 took everything 2000 did and made it worse. The music is flat out terrible, some of the worst of any Neo-Geo game ever, I really blame Eolith for this. I'm a big fan of Korean games but how they nuked the game so bad is beyond me. In a ditch effort to bring strikers under control, they made strikers use special meter and let you pick up to 3 strikers, gaining another special level bank for each one. This creates a problem with infinites. If you have 3 levels at asny pont it's pretty much game over, because whatever striker combo you bust into, it can go on forever since the combo powers you meter back up giving you more strikers ot keep it going as you do it. Mei Li was a cool addition to the game cast and Robert finally got back his normal (non-charging moves) but even things like that didn't redeem the fact canceling was cranked even higher than it is in Street Fighter 3. You just have to play it to really understand what the problem with it is. Super canceling is another thing that really doesn't belong in KOF. The world does not need to be able to cancel SDM Maiden Masher into a Yami Sugi.

    On the upside. The last boss in 2001 is quite cool. Fighting Zero again right before was pretty lame but the boss is challanging enough to make it worth a quarter.

    Verdict is: Play it once or twice, but don't buy it. I wouldn't waste your time with a download unless you're getting it at a solid 40kps off a good server. It's not worth any more than that.

    Also, Dark, they're releasing SNK vs Capcom. Not Capcom vs SNK. It's going to be a new game. Remember how Neo-Geo Pocket Color SNK vs Capcom was nothing at all remotely like the Capcom vs SNK series?
  16. FAKK2

    FAKK2 New Member

    I happen to disagree with the whole thing you just said, but its soooooo long of a thread of crap I dont even know where to begin to reply on it....so I guess I can just say this...I enjoyed all kof games....kof 2001 is quite impressive to me...I love the beginning how it says Iolith and makes the little futuristic sound and then it says SNK in bold print, the entire beginning is nice how he throws of the glasses and then it does that sound again...its great...your crazy if you dont like it....and I happen to think the music is not bad at all either...kof98 is still the best, but we cant have everything.....Iolith is by far alot better than I thought would be....Hell I thought they were going to make kof like that horrible game Fight Fever....I was really scared for the NeoGeos future....but after playing KOF 2001 Im very happy Koreans took over, the art work is a bit different but every game and system needs change sometime, its refreshing to have Iolith making games for the big bad neo system!! I cant wait to see whats next!! [​IMG] Oh and as for control of the characters....superb tight controls, very accurate for me, I like it alot, allthough I would love it alot more IF I could get the neo geo control pad to work on the PC....the keyboard sh!t sucks bad!! and so do PC control pads....oh well, I gotta buy this awesome game for my MVS machine. Its very nice....
  17. DBOY

    DBOY New Member

    It's spelled Eolith by the way.
  18. Oogami

    Oogami New Member

    FAKK2: Funny how you managed to ignore the crux of his argument despite calling it all "crap", particularly in regards to the abused striker system (which you didn't mention at all).
  19. Gear

    Gear New Member

    I like to think as kof 2001 being the EX version of kof 98. Most (and "common") infinite combos are not that "bug infinite"; they just take a lot of your health bar, to make you able to countersrike. And for the real killer ones, you need to be in a strategic position of wich you can keep out (I learned that playing the first arcade version of Xmen vs Street Fighter).

    To take most of this common combos you'd need to select an adecuate number of fighters (just like capcom vs snk, where one powerful character is better than four).
  20. FAKK2

    FAKK2 New Member

    Eolith Iolith whatever....big deal I goofed Im human, and humans tend to do that....especially after playing SNK games for the past 12 years...spelling becomes less important everyday. [​IMG] hahaha and yes his entire thing was CRAP!! Get over it....KOF2001 is AWESOME!! I like the Entire game even the Striker system....and if you dont wtf?? SO!! [​IMG] I still think its nice to have the Koreans doing games for the Neo Geo and not the Japanese....I dont care how the hell they spell thier name....now maby for a NEW AOF game or SamSho game!! [​IMG]

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