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What saturn games are 4 or more players?

Discussion in 'Saturn' started by bowb4segasaturn, Apr 7, 2002.

  1. bowb4segasaturn

    bowb4segasaturn New Member

    I was just wondering what games out there i can use the sega saturn 6 controller multi tap with.
  2. Mike G

    Mike G New Member

    The ones which spring immediately to mind are:

    Saturn Bomberman

    Bomberman Fight!!

    Both of those are must haves IMO. BF!! is Japanese only but well worth tracking down.

    If you're into sport games (ugh ;) ) most of those support a multi-player option.


    PURASUMA New Member


    (the 2nd best ever sat game! (and up to 6 players))
  4. SegaSaturnDDR

    SegaSaturnDDR New Member

    lemme see... theres Firepro wrestling: 6 man scramble, blast chamber, groove on fight, and i think gals panic. and also theres a 3 player game on capcom genberations 4.
  5. Zziggy00

    Zziggy00 New Member

    Guardian Heroes and Saturn Bomberman are GREAT multiplayer games.
  6. slinga

    slinga Member

    This is my area...here's the list I got so far:

    Game NameNumber of Players

    Blast Chamber4

    Bomberman Fight!!!4

    Death Tank (Hidden in Duke Nukem)7

    Fifa 966

    Fifa 984

    Fire Pro Wrestling 6 Man Scramble6

    Guardian Heroes6

    Groove on Fight(requires exp card)4

    Madden 97

    Madden 98 (???)

    NBA Action 98 8

    NBA Jam Extreme4

    NBA Jam T.E.4

    NBA Live 97

    NHL Powerplay 966

    NFL Quarterback Club 96


    Saturn Bomberman10

    Super J-League Soccer4

    Street Racer8

    Three Dirty Dwarves3

    Winter Heat4

    Worldwide Soccer 974

    WorldWide Soccer 98

    WWF In your House4

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