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Why do people rip using iso/mp3

Discussion in 'Saturn' started by Stregano, Dec 12, 2001.

  1. Stregano

    Stregano New Member

    there is only 1 thing i can think of for this and that it saves space on computers. well, i dont wanna get in trouble, but in other scenes, they dont compress games besides raring. this takes away from the quality of the games and makes it almost a chore to burn some games (i got a game with approx 70 music tracks). bin/cue may be bigger, but the quality stay the same, it burning it is a breeze. any1 agree or disagree with me, please ley me know of your opinion
  2. megametalgreymon

    megametalgreymon New Member

    the space/size aspect is the only reason actually
  3. slinga

    slinga Member

    Space/Size turns into bandwidth when your hosting.
  4. Fabrizo

    Fabrizo New Member

    I always make the games on my FTP that I encode ISO/MP3 because it's only running on a 9GB hard drive. Space is a big issue on FTP's, not only does making the games in ISO format make it so their can be more games on the FTP, it also makes it easyer to upload/download games from it.
  5. Xenomorph

    Xenomorph New Member

    im sure it wont catch on anytime soon, but using Windows Media instead of MP3 can make the game more like the original... a 128k WMA sounds more like the original than a 128k MP3 for example (and a 64k WMA sounds as good as a 128k MP3). i looked at some weird comparison chart thing that showed how all data is kept in tact when using Real Media or Windows Media, whereas some of the audio is actually "lost" when compressing using MP3.
  6. Curtis

    Curtis Member

    MP3, Real Audio and Windows Media Audio are all lossy audio codecs. That is, they all discard information in order to make the audio file smaller. There are lossless audio codecs, like SHorteN, but these typically only yeild 40-60 percent reduction.

    Personally, i think WMA sounds every bit a shit as MP3...
  7. Xenomorph

    Xenomorph New Member

    yes, but Real/Windows audio formats are "less" lossy than MP3 and offer better compression...
  8. Curtis

    Curtis Member

    These two things are mutually exclusive...

    (Edited by Curtis at 7:40 am on Dec. 13, 2001)
  9. rosewood

    rosewood New Member

    WMA does compress better, but I don't like the 'metallic' sound of it...

    compress your MP3s with LAME, it does better compression than the original MP3-codec
  10. megametalgreymon

    megametalgreymon New Member

    wma also has shitty licensing crap with its encoders, so i wouldnt recommend you go recommending people use it

    it also could exclude people from non-windows oses (linux/mac/beos/solaris whatever) as i dont know if those os'es have decoders for wma
  11. rosewood

    rosewood New Member

    you can play WMA on mac and linux and on a lot of portable players. it does a good job @ 160kbit but sometimes it just don't sound right to me... (but the same goes for MP3)
  12. keropi

    keropi New Member

    anyone ever thought of using the mp3PRO format? I hear it has the same quality at half bitrate as a normal mp3 at double bitrate. that is:

    64kbpsmp3PRO = 128kbs mp3

    This would save lots of space :) as music would require half bytes!
  13. rosewood

    rosewood New Member


    don't use that shit! how do you want to convert it back for burning? i know, there is a plugin for Winamp, but i definitely won't use that player ever!!!

    just try LAME, if commandline is to hard for you, look for a prog called RazorLAME, it's a nice gui for it.
  14. keropi

    keropi New Member

    why you wont use winamp ever? it rox! and u can convert the with Nero also...
  15. rosewood

    rosewood New Member

    i just hate that player because everyone else is using it ;)

    no, i just don't like it since the days where you had to pay for it, i don't like that tiny interface, i can't read the buttons, even with other skinning.

    why don't use those other great players like Sonique (the reason why winamp became freeware), JetAudioEx (that's my main player for a year now) or even WMP8 (microsoft isn't that bad)...
  16. lockecole2

    lockecole2 New Member

    but you cant convert WMA to CDDA (aiff) on mac. and wma sounds like crap on mac anyway, due to microsoft's crappy windows media player, and it's not seekable on mac either. also, mp3 certainly sounds better at high bitrates than wma at high bitrates.

    also . . i have all my rips in mp3/iso since i cant do bin/cue's because cdrwin is not for mac. also, if the mp3s are encoded at vbr, i dont notice any difference between bin/cue and mp3.
  17. Cloudkill

    Cloudkill New Member

    I personally think MP3s sound great. Maybe my ears are damaged :)

    I'm not too fussy, so ISO and MP3s are ok.
  18. keropi

    keropi New Member

    yeah! :) ISO/MP3 kixx a$$ !
  19. Eleven of 9

    Eleven of 9 New Member

    Well as I am on 56k (#### you British Telecom), the only realistic way I can get Saturn / Mega CD games is if they are in iso/mp3 format (or buy original CDs obviously).

    I think that mp3 is fine for videogame music (apart from 1 game where they were only encoded at 64k).
  20. Gear

    Gear New Member

    Just use a higher bitrate (168k/192k) & stop thinking that 128k bitrate is cd quality, that's bullshit. A high bitrate combined with VBR (high average), you should only hear the difference in a very high quality audio system.

    No mp3pro or wma or realmedia, they suck! (some at least for a while) :p

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