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Windows 2000 and You

Discussion in 'General Tech Help & CD Burning Help' started by mtxblau, Mar 26, 2002.

  1. mtxblau

    mtxblau Mid Boss

    Hello all,

    While I don't post nearly as much as I once did in a past life, I still lurk. It's amazing how the populace of these boards have changed.

    In ANY event, onto the question.

    So, I have Windows2000 (which I love, I was so fed up with Win98, and Linux, while amazing, still has compatability issues) and naturally EZCD95 doesn't work (I had that boot up issue, however I managed to get into safe mode and uninstall it). NTI CD Maker 3.x doesn't work either, so...

    Which programs do people use nowadays to burn ISO/Mp3? I have CDRWin, I made a cue sheet (the game in question is silpheed) but it refused to burn the game (it burned Lunar: Eternal Blue fine though, which was in Cue/Bin). Fireburner burned it all right, a nice coaster for you and me.

    I have the new NTI 2000 Pro and Easy CD Creator 2000...

    Is there a program that'll work? NTI was such a nice program...

    It now looks like it's almost worth setting up a dual boot for Win9X because of all the issues I've been having (4 coasters to date).

    What I've tried so far:

    1) I used Nero in Mixed Mode, but I didn't realize it didn't translate the ISO to actual data (so on the data track it has the actual ISO).

    2) Used ISOBuster and then did mixed mode in Nero

    3) Made a cue sheet, using tips from Morpheus <sp> (basically, cut and paste), burned with Fireburner

    The interesting thing about the cue sheet is that CDRWin accepted it, but when it came time to burn, it refused - wouldn't burn in DAO or something along those lines.

    The other coaster was due to buffer underrun. My fault...

    Any and all help is appreciated...

  2. archiver

    archiver New Member

    I pretty much use CDRWin for all the game burning or stuff I deliberately want to write in the ISO 9660 file format so other people on different OS's can hopefully read it.

    Having to create (or in some cases fix) cuesheets can be annoying, but I actually like it - I've learned quite a bit on CD architecture in general. But it is frustrating when it refuses to burn.

    I use EZ CD for regular drag & drop back up stuff, which is what I think it's best at.

    Did you by chance have Daemon Tools installed when you had those lock up problems? DT and EZ CD are two programs that don't exist well with each other, at least peacefully.
  3. Dyne

    Dyne New Member

    i was also in the situation you were in...except i could NOT boot into safe mode. now i just have 98SE set up right now with EZCDPro but am thinking of putting 2000 back in because of all the stupid crashes 98 likes to have every 10 minutes. i had problems with CDRWin...it would burn the games but they'd never boot and it hated my cuesheets even tho they were EXACTLY the same as the one Lodgers spit out (which it accepted). if you can dual boot i say put 98 in just for EZCD.
  4. MasterAkumaMatata

    MasterAkumaMatata Staff Member

    That's not the right way, you're supposed to use a cue sheet to burn mixed mode from image in Nero. It's just like CDRWin, you just load the cue sheet and burn. With Nero open (and the New Compilation window closed out):

    --> File

    --> Burn Image...

    --> change File of type to All Files (*.*)

    --> locate and load the cuesheet

    --> choose your desired burn speed (preferably 4X or below to be safe).

    --> burn baby burn!

    Little reminder, remember to run SatConv if needed before burning, ;)
  5. mtxblau

    mtxblau Mid Boss

    Ironically after posting my message I stumbled across the thread "I hate ISO + MP3". I started by searching for Windows 2000/ Win 2K etc... I didn't think Nero could do cue files too. Nero is a pretty freakin' awesome program.

    Is there any program, though, like NTI CDMaker/EZCD that lets you make a mixed mode cd w/o a cue sheet?

  6. MasterAkumaMatata

    MasterAkumaMatata Staff Member

    Yeah, Fireburner, but I don't use it since CDRWin and Nero works for me. I might give it a try one day though.
  7. CrazyTaxi

    CrazyTaxi New Member

    i got NTI 3x to work on win2k...download and install the latest atapi drivers first then NTI 3x..it should work..(i never got a bluescreen with this..but u might be different so take caution...)

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