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    Dreamcast VGA to DVI

    I am building a retro game room and would like to connect a Dreamcast to the DVI input of a Sony Bravia CRT TV I have. Not looking to upscale, just want a clean 480P signal. According to the manual the DVI input cannot be used for PC input and accepts only HDCP EIA-861 standard. Am thinking I...
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    Psuedo Saturn Issues

    I tried a few more backup games. Street fighter zero 3 skipped audio on the Akuma stage and Christmas Nights froze when starting a new game. I added a thick layer of foil to the cart and was able to get farther into the games, but still experienced lockups. I then switched to psuedo saturn on...
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    Psuedo Saturn Issues

    I will try to open the cart and add foil tape to see if that helps. Thanks for the replies so far.
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    Psuedo Saturn Issues

    So I recently ordered a pre made psuedo Saturn Kai cartridge from e-bay. It's one of those that come from China. I heard the red cartridges had shielding issues, so I went with the black one that has a 1M or 4M selector switch on the front. After getting it, I noticed it comes with "Psuedo...