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First off, you can't skip the first part of the intro sequence which happens EVERYTIME you go to the title screen. Second, the draw distance is so bad that you can't tell if you're going to fall off the level, or land on some ground. Third, why is the sun flare on at default? I like classic graphics, not modern graphics! Fourth, whenever you fall off a level, you fall forever! Forcing you to restart the level! Fifth, the level design and names are stupid, why is the first level called "Jade Gully"? And in Crystal Frost, you'd expect that you have to go right, but the tunnel which is VERY hard to navigate, just leads to an endless fall! WHY?! Sixth, You can't crouch, meaning that there is no spin dashing! That is literally Sonic's signature move! How could you forget to add that?! Seventh, the title screen, options screen, and level select screen all use either sounds from Sonic Mania, or use sounds from modern Sonic games! This is a game for Sega Saturn emulators! Not a game on the Xbox Series X! Eighth, the SFX issue applies to the gameplay as well, why use Sega Genesis sounds? Just create your own sounds! Or use stock SFX that sound like a sonic game! Ninth, "Jade Gully" can be finished, but it's cryptic as hell! Why do this? There's no finish in Placid Whatever, Crystal Frost requires a key, and nothing else, and Whatever the Cat is near damn impossible! I've seen it beaten, but it requires 5 hits, and those hit all have to be in the last attack in the attack pattern, why overcomplicate it like this? Tenth, Sonic is more slippy than an egg yolk in an ice pan! And it looks weird with how Sonic stays in his walking animation even at his slowest! Eleventh, this damn game doesn't erase the object that is getting in the way of Sonic, which make for very disorienting camera slipups that make NO sense! Erase the object when it's blocking Sonic or remove the back texture! Finally, this game barely gives a crap when it comes to the gravity-switching mechanics of Sonic X-treme, this game lets you walk on diffirently facing surfaces whenever the hell it feels like it, sometimes it happens in areas where it shouldn't and never lets you go back, sometimes it just doesn't happen when it's supposed to! Saying this "game" is the worst game of all time, is an understatement, and I can't delete this because it's "open in System"! Thanks a lot, for being too lazy to fix any of the issues in this game.