Lunar 2 Eternal Blue Saturn English Patch

Lunar 2 Eternal Blue Saturn English Patch 0.19b

This is an updated preview release of an English Translation hack of Lunar 2 EB for Sega Saturn.

Here's a summary:

- Straight WD PSX script inserted (for now), a translation cleanup effort is underway.
- VWF inserted (Game Arts got rid of the one from Lunar 1)
- Items/Spells/UI text mostly there now; should be glitch-free maybe minor spacing issues.
- Save/load slots translated now.
- Battle stuff now translated.
- Subtitle format decoded, first subtitle replaced as proof of concept. The tile looks a little glitchy, but thats what i drew because i was lazy. Still need to figure out adding subtitles to videos that did not previously have them.
- Still jp audio so this is more like an undub with the WD psx text. There are a few TBDs in the dialog text for text that exists only in the original Saturn release and does not map to the psx re-release.

I have played up to Dalton on mednafen without any major issues.

There are some graphical glitches that occur when the WD timed dialog text does not line up perfectly with the JP action script. This gets cleared up after entering and exiting the next battle. The solution here is to fix all the scripts, so thats all TBD along with the translation. The first time you'll probably encounter this is after meeting Lucia for the first time. Not sure what happens on real HW.

Lots of work still left to do on this, enjoy.

-Mr Conan

Below is the current project status.

Variable Width Font: 100%
Dialog Extraction (Sega CD JP/ENG, SAT JP, PSX JP/ENG): 100%
Dialog Insertion: 50%, works but going to create a Gui tool to simplify.
Dialog Translation: In-progress. Haven't decided if we are updating or rewriting at this point. Depends how good or bad the WD translation is.
Item and Common Text Extraction&Re-Encoding: 100%

Action Scripting: 99%, Format decoded, extractor and re-encoder created. For some reason adding a timed dialog works in mednafen, on real HW the text doesnt print. Might be something to do with a parallel event that conflicted in the test i ran….
Action Script updates to use WD dialog or WD Audio: 0% (Corrupts the screen if everything doesn't line up, cleared after a single battle).

System - 95%, need to adjust some text placement.
Battle/Shop - 90%, have a few minor glitches to clean up.

Decompression: 100%.
Compression & Re-encoding: 99%
Translation of existing subtitles: 0%
Adding subtitles to videos that didnt previously have them: 0%

Spell Text Outlined during battle: 0%
Monster Names: Translated (preliminary ones being used). 98%

Audio/Movie Dubbing: 0% Havent looked into it, in theory the tools are already there to do it... (Current plan would be to reuse WD audio)
Mr Conan
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  2. L2 Version 0.18a

    Just realized the altered files are identical for CD1 and CD2, so here is a patch for both CDs.

Latest reviews

Getting around to finally playing this. Playing on real hardware. None of the items descriptions are working. It has the previously mentioned issue of over lapping texts. Wish I could comment on a regular thread.
Mr Conan
Thanks for reporting, ill take a look on real hw.
Hello, I'm following your project closely, I hope you don't abandon it because there are many Lunar fans who would love to play on their Saturn like me, even more so an undub version with English subtitles is fantastic, don't get discouraged and thanks for the hard work!