Lunar SSSC (MPEG) English Patch

Lunar SSSC (MPEG) English Patch 0.75

= Sega Saturn LUNAR Silver Star Story Complete MPEG-BAN =
= Dub Edition v0.75 =

= Info =
This is an early release of an English Translation hack of Lunar SSSC
(MPEG Edition) for Sega Saturn.
It will insert the PSX English script into the game as
well as an English font. The game now appears to be playable to
the end, but there may be some script issues. Once again the WD Script from the
PSX edition is being used, with some minor tweaks to get it to work on the Saturn.
This time around, pretty much the entire script will be reachable.


All Editions of Lunar
- Finish Subtitle releases (Subtitle JP Audio, Subtitle JP Video)
- After a battle, if a level is gained, the characters will flicker on the level up notice. (Doesnt happen on mednafen?)
- During a battle, entering the Command menu will cause characters on the screen to flicker. (Doesnt happen on mednafen?)
- Implement dialog corrections, thread over on lunarnet explains

Lunar SSS
- Sub version: Add subtitled audio and video.

- Fix english audio injection bug (also causes random crashes)
- Final boss music plays for additional 10 sec (not sure if bug or in original)
- Sub version: Add subtitled audio and video.

= Credits and Thanks =

Original Translation - Working Designs

Script Conversion - Mr Conan
Reverse Engineering, Hacking, & Research - Mr Conan, Ms Tea, TrekkiesUnite118
Menu Cleanup - Alunissage
(TBD Subtitle edition) JP Audio/Video & Misc JP Translations - Rebecca Capowski
Notes - CyberWarriorX, Suppertails66

Special Thanks:
Yabuse & Mednafen authors - For Excellent Saturn Debuggers
SegaXtreme Discord users
All Beta Testers.

= Changelog =
0.75 - Fixed the one mpeg video with JP audio, fixed two bugs where game would crash after talking to an
NPC that had just given you a bromide (Jess and Xenobia). There was a bad script link.
0.74 - Fixed issue that when all magic is available, the last spell on the status screen does not appear.
0.73 - Fixed Red Dragon script crash, fixed a WD script typo, fixed two text selections that were too long
0.72 - Reverted to jp for audio for now for clips (not video), eng audio injection appears to be an issue
Misc grammar fixes to script
Script crashing bug with Ghaleon at Meribia fixed
0.71 - Fix for "$ lost" text display bug
0.70 - First Release
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