Lunar SSS English Patch

Lunar SSS English Patch 1.5.1

= Sega Saturn LUNAR Silver Star Story =
= Public Beta, Edition v1.5.1a =
= 07-29-2022 =

*** NOTICE: UPDATE TO V1.1 of the SegaSaturnPatcher ***

= Info =
This is a beta release of an English Translation hack of Lunar Silver Star
Story for Sega Saturn. It only supports the original non-mpeg edition
at this time. It will insert the PSX English script into the game as
well as an English font. Theoretically the game might be playable to
the end, with PSX exclusive content being unreachable. That said, some
major script changes have been noticed in a few files...

The goal of this release is to identify any major bugs or
graphical glitches remaining before final updates are made and work
progresses to the MPEG edition. The authors would appreciate if you
could post bug findings to the segaxtreme forum thread.
Emulators save-states are very helpful.

Dub Edition here: LUNAR SILVER STAR STORY Dub v1.5.1a

1. Implement minor script enhancements
2. Subtitle release: (Subtitle JP Audio, Subtitle JP Video)

= Changelog =
Vers 1.5.1a - Updated dub edition (its been in the forums, just buried in a post). Fixes Nall audio crash.
We will likely update all of the audio at some point, but for now this seems stable.
Vers 1.5.1 - Fixes text: "take {care} of yourself, Nash", also another minor typo: my/me
Also more audio file fixes for eng dub edition
Last spell on status menu now shows up
*** NOTICE: UPDATE TO V1.1 of the SegaSaturnPatcher ***
Vers 1.5 - Fixes issue with voice clip when encountering Kyle in drag.
Vers 1.4 - Adds back in previously removed PCM Files that are needed for battles.
Vers 1.3 - Fixes crashing issues with two voice clips.
Vers 1.2r2 - Rebuilt patch to work with ODE's (thanks to Knight0fDragon/neoDev/others)
Vers 1.2 - Now using Knight0fDragon's patch utility, maintaining a dub & (soon to be) sub version
Added dub voices & enlarged video [Dub version only]
Determined cause of slow load bug (common files were located on outer rim of CD, ouch!)
Track 2 should now play at Blue Dragon Cave
Can now purchase Bromides from Ramus
Jessica text in TEXT12 fixed (was behind portrait)
Xenobia portrait near the end of the game fixed (i think)
Beta 1.1.3 - Fixed "lost money" text
Beta 1.1.2f- Reverted a command in text52 to its SSS version
Beta 1.1.2e- Reverted some commands in text42 to their SSS versions
Beta 1.1.2d- Dragon wings fixed, text overrun with barrier ring fixed, gave/lost/bet item corrections applied
Beta 1.1.2c- Fixed error in script copy that broke lann
Beta 1.1.2b- Fixed item numbering from SSSC (Bromides & Dragon Wings)
Beta 1.1.2a- Changed "I" to "Gave " in menu/common word data
Beta 1.1.2 - Added isobuster tip about the space in wav files
Added pointer fixes for Text scripts 001,014,021,and 058
Gold cheat added to reduce grinding during beta (remove REM in main build script)
Beta 1.1.1 - Fixed the paths being called out in the instructions
Beta 1.1 - Fixed scripts and cd rip method (I hope)
Beta 1.0 - First Release (non-working)
Mr Conan
First release
Last update
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  1. Lunar SSS v1.5.1 (Sub Version Only)

    Updated sub version to 1.5.1 to fix a few minor things (last spell displaying in status screen...

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fantastic thank you from the bottom of my heart for the effort the translation is perfect thanks for the hard work
Thank you for all the work. Game completed from beginning to the end. Great experience on Sega Saturn.