1. D

    Saturn PP1-007
  2. P

    Sega Saturn - Game genie codes to Hex codes

    Hello. I need your help... I need this codes converted to Hex Codes, so, I can patch an After Burner 2 iso. Master Code: F6000914 230B B6002800 0000 Infinite Lives: 1602EECA 7000 Can you help me with this? Thanks !!!!
  3. V

    Windows Dev Environment for Saturn

    Hi, Not sure if anyone here follows Jaguar development, but I'm currently a full-time Atari Jaguar developer (took a break in my SW engineering career, to follow my passion), with my first game to be released around January 2019. Here's a very old vid of the game, originally inspired by...
  4. xrider

    I Need help for translate Sega Saturn Rom Cartridge

    Hello, I need help for translate a ROM of cartridge "X-Terminator" I have fixed the cardridge and now i would like translate in english. At the moment, only a japanese rom exist. This cartridge have lot of good point : -AR Code -X-Assist search Unit (no need pc for find cheat code) -it can...
  5. Kurasiu

    [Saturn] Tamagotchi Park - save game restore/dump?

    Hey, everyone. Does anybody know how to restore a TP saved game on the special pink memory backup cartridge it came with? (or does anybody have a dump of the said game?) I need it, because I bought the CIB copy of Tamagotchi Park and it was delivered yesterday, but sadly the memory cartridge...
  6. XL2

    (Saturn homebrew) Sonic Z-Treme

    Hi all! I'm currently learning c language on my own and game developpment as an hobby. I decided to start with the Sega Saturn (yes, I didn't start with the easiest machine!) and a 3D game (yes...). I've been working part-time on my project, that I named Sonic Z-Treme, since the end of march...
  7. P

    Ninpen Manmaru English Patched?

    There is an old thread on these forums ( ) It details a translation patch for the Saturn 3D platformer called Ninpen Manmaru but this is now 16 years old and the website is only accessible on
  8. ansbar

    Wont read my game discs - Sega Saturn

    Hi, I own a saturn that gradually have become worse at starting up game discs. Before it worked most times, but now, when firing up the saturn with a game disc 9 times of ten it spins quite fast like 10 times then it present the audio-cd screen. - The laser is moving when starting up - I have...
  9. S

    Sega Saturn in-game resetting problem

    Hello everyone, I am using a Japanese Model 1 Sega Saturn on PAL territory. The console power specifications indicate it works at 100V 15W 50/60Hz, so I am using a step-down voltage converter, from 220V to 110-120V 50W 60Hz (as indicated in product label), assuming the voltage difference would...
  10. D

    V-Saturn bios

    Appearantly it just got dumped. Not posting any links yet because I'm not sure if it's allowed. I'm wonderng if anyone cares enough to look into it and see if it does anything specific, that the regular japanese 1.01 bios does not?