1. ShadowMask

    Mobile Suit Gundam (English) Beta 0.1

    Beta 0.1 Patch Notes: - FMV scenes translated using the Gundam Movie subtitles as a foundation. - Script editing and additional translation by @SoloNerfherder (Special thanks to @malenko ) - 480p Video source is from the PS2 release of Kidou Senshi Gundam (Japan) Additional notes: - The game...
  2. malenko

    Street Fighter Zero 3 barebones .003

    I saw this post on reddit: I have already been poking around with the Zero 3 files and knew how to do what was asked. I was/am focused on trying to get world tour translated but its not an active project. This is the gist of what's patched:
  3. Rasputin3000

    Silhouette Mirage - English Patch

    Hi, this is the official thread for the ongoing Silhouette Mirage english fan translation project. Soniccd123, Malenko, and myself are inserting the PSX Working Designs script into the game and we are making excellent progress (check out the version 0.148 patch here). We are currently grinding...
  4. Rasputin3000

    Silhouette Mirage - English Patch 0.63

    A translation of Treasure's 1997 masterpiece, Silhouette Mirage, into english using the PS1 Working Designs script. Current version: 0.63 (not that I know how version numbers work...) The current version has the Tutorial through the start of Area 5 playable fully in english. Patch using...
  5. A

    Having problems using CRAM2PAL

    Hello everyone. I'm obviously, rather new here, however, I'd been following the instructions listed in this thread: Let's replace Sega Saturn graphics. as, I'm currently working with some friends of mine on an attempt to translate the game "Jung Rhythm" for the Sega Saturn. While following this...
  6. S

    Saturn Screenshots (interlaced and hi-res games)

    Hi, I would like to know how to take accurate screenshots for some interlaced Saturn games (I use Beetle Saturn and SSF): Virtua Fighter 2, DOA, Fighters Megamix... Beetle Saturn take screenshots with interlacing artifacts, we can use a Bob deinterlacing shader with retroarch but I wonder if...
  7. OsoApple

    How to create an ISO that exclusively plays CPK?

    Hi all! Would anyone here be able to give a guide on how to create a bootable video ISO that could work on a real Saturn? My Saturn is modded to play backups, but I'm a total novice when it comes to homebrewing. I know how to encode Cinepak files, but I've frankly found myself lost when it...
  8. Danthrax

    Stellar Assault SS (English) 2023-05-11

    A full English localization of Stellar Assault SS, including redubs of all voices during FMVs and in-game missions, as well as an implementation of the Mission Stick controller. Also changes the number of continues from 3 to unlimited. In the ZIP file is included the Sega Saturn Patcher patch, a...
  9. R

    BlueRetro M30 8bitdo

    Boa noite Galera conheço este fórum a anos mas nunca me adentrei a dentro dele , hoje venho aqui com uma dificuldade que talvez posso tabem ser a dificuldade e solução para muitos Eu coleciona Sega Saturn, tenho cinco peças. Recentemente adquiri um Blue Retro , e junto com isso ja tenho dois...
  10. sonik

    MDPatcher (fixed) 1.0

    Download includes the orignal MDPatcher and a fixed version. Also both source codes. Original version by Giuseppe Gatta/nextvolume Link: What's new over the original version: Fixed the app not working on more recent windows/dotnet. Added error_recalc.exe to...
  11. Arjak

    J.B. Harold: Blue Chicago Blues - English Translation

    I am proud to announce my first ever attempt at a translation: J.B. Harold: Blue Chicago Blues! This FMV adventure game was the last entry in Riverhill Soft's J.B. Harold series of detective mystery video games, a series which started on Japanese home computers and would later see ports to...
  12. Arjak

    J.B. Harold: Blue Chicago Blues - English Patch 1.00

    A translation of J.B. Harold: Blue Chicago Blues into English. Current version: 1.00 The current version should translate the entire game. If you find untranslated Japanese in this version, please let me know where and how you found it, and I will try to fix the issue as soon as possible...
  13. malenko

    Let's localize Bomberman Fight!!

    It didn't take a genius to see that I started working on this game, if you saw my other post about how to change graphics in Sega Saturn games it was pretty obvious. Terra Phantastica is still getting chipped away at, but its a whole lot of game. BETA...
  14. malenko

    Lets localize Terra Phantastica!

    Lets start with the obvious. The likelihood of me actually finishing this is pretty much non existent. I saw this game on a SegaLordX video and thought it looked neat. Also mentioned below, this is not the best technique to use on a text heavy game like Terra Phantastica; this is more about how...
  15. malenko

    Syutokou_97 / SYUTOKO BATTLE 97 / Drift King 97 1.02 FINAL

    Drift King 97 Localization by Thomas "Malenko" Carnill A hobby localization effort to bring Genki's first true 3D Shutokou racing game to the English speaking community. I am a big fan of the Tokyo Xtreme Racer series and spent a lot of time playing them on my PS2 and XBOX360 (Import Tuner...
  16. malenko

    Localizing Syutokou_97 / SYUTOKO BATTLE 97 Drift King

    Been chipping away at this for a while mostly sorting out the documentation of the data and translating all the text. I don't know why I keep picking games that are so text heavy (something I didn't expect in the racing genre) but I am a HUGE fan of the Genki games, and you can tell they build...
  17. PixelPete2000


    Can you use CD-RW's to burn Sega Saturn games and play them on Pseudo Saturn Kai Lite V6.483? I've tried to find out on the net but everyone seems to be using CD-R. Should I just go buy CD-R instead?
  18. darkfalzx

    Ninpen Manmaru English Patch 2022-01-21

    This is an English localization of 1997 Enix game based on popular Japanese kids' TV show Ninpen Manmaru (Ninja Penguin Manmaru). Continuing work started all the way back in 2001 by Simon Fang, Alex Kid, and cafe-alpha, this version adds localized graphical elements, such as title screen, menus...
  19. malenko

    Firepro Wrestling Gaiden Blazing Tornado V.91

    English translation of the Saturn exclusive port of FirePro Wrestling Gaiden Blazing Tornado. The only other way to play this game in English is with MAME and the arcade version. The Saturn version is superior not only for the additional modes of play, but also the gameplay mechanic was changed...
  20. malenko

    Fire Pro Wrestling 6 Men Scramble V.91

    Translation of Fire Pro Wrestling 6 Men Scramble. Everything is translated except for some of the victory road dialog. The most important thing, the Create-A-Wrestler mode, is 100% done. "This patch requires Sega Saturn Patcher v1.95. It can be found here: SEGA Saturn 27th Anniversary Game...