1. dibz

    Bininfo 0.1

    Detects whether a program uses SBL/SGL(and lists with libraries are used, along with version) using a pretty crude method. BININFO v0.1 by Cyber Warrior X (c) usage: bininfo.exe progname
  2. dibz

    VCDTools 2020-09-11

    VCDBUILD has replaced VCDPRE in its functionality. To use VCDUILD in file emulation mode, use the switch /p. This will parse the script as VCDPRE did before. 3RDPARTY.TXT 3RDPARTY DEVELOPERS, PLEASE READ THIS TEXT FILE. VCDGUIDE.DOC BASIC VCD USAGE VCDCART.DOC VCD WITH CARTDEV...
  3. dibz

    FDD Operator 2020-09-11

    CD rip of the Saturn Floppy Disk driver.
  4. dibz

    TrueMotion Compression Toolkit 5.16

    Official TrueMotion Compression Toolkit. Serial is in the filename.
  5. dibz

    DUCK.exe 199x

    / ***************************************************** *********************** DUCK.exe --TrueMotion decoder for Windows 95. Copyright (c) S.Chiba 199x TrueMotion (R) is a registered trademark of The Duck Corporation. ******************************************************...
  6. dibz

    TrueMotion Player 1.22

    TrueMotion Player TmPlay.exe Ver 1.22 [Overview] For playing Saturn's TrueMotion movie files on Windows95 / NT4.0 It is a program. Also, a function to convert to an AVI file in a format that can be normally handled by Windows. There is also. If you have not registered as a user, it will only...
  7. dibz

    acpk2avi 1.19

    acpk2avi Another convertor from CPK to AVI. Copyright (C) 1997-1998, GANA, Nishi 0. Be careful Regarding viewing and use of Sega Saturn's Cinepak (CPK) on a personal computer Sega Enterprises has not officially approved this matter. Please refrain from asking questions about Sega and software...
  8. dibz

    ACPK2AVI Helper (acpkHPR) 1.02

    ACPK2AVI Helper (acpkHPR)  ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ Ama <uminchu> 1.Outline ACPK2AVI developed by GANA / Nishi is a simple operation for Sega Saturn videos and It is a wonderful converter that can convert audio data to AVI / WAV files, Anyway, it was an...
  9. dibz

    Winvdt2 1.03

    User name: Free Use Pass: ZUICSG [About Winvdt2] X680x0 standard (?) Video format VDT file and its derivative format file (V16 / VPK / SVD / SVX), and Cinepak files of Saturn's video data (mainly The extension is CPK) is a program for playing on Windows95 / NT4.0. You can also convert Cinepak...
  10. dibz

    Cinepak viewer 1.01

    This program will allow you to view Sega Saturn Cinepak files right off of your Saturn CD-ROMs in Real-Time. Reprogrammed by -== Ryououki ==-
  11. dibz

    Saturn CinePack to VfW Beta 26

    Cinepack.exe β26 version for Windows95 Saturn CinePack-> Video for Windows Cinepack + α [function] Convert Sega Saturn's CPK and CAK cinepak movies to Windows AVI. Play CRI ADX directly. Or convert it to a Windows Wave file. [How to use] (Convert to Windows AVI) "Convert" button (or file menu)...
  12. dibz

    SS FILM Parser for ActiveMovie/DirectShow 0.15

    SS FILM Parser for ActiveMovie / DirectShow version 0.15 Copyright (C) 1998 Nobuyuki NISHIZAWA [Content] This program has a format type of'cvid' among SS video files (FILM). Plays what is (usually the extension CPK) on Windows 95 or Windows NT 4.0 ActiveMovie / DirectShow filter for...
  13. dibz

    Cinepak->VfW AVI Converter 0.08

    cpk2avi --Saturn Cinepak-> VfW AVI Converter Version 0.08 May 25, 1996 Pootaro ★ Function cpk2avi is the Cinepak format used by Saturn Video files to Video for Windows RIFF AVI format Convert. Even in a format where the audio stream of a certain "diarrhea sound" is separated Added support...
  14. dibz

    Cinepak->AVI 0.11

    CPK-CVT (Saturn Cinepak-> AVI file conversion) Ver0.11 1997.9.11 Tetsu @synnet ‥ ‥ ‥ ‥ ‥ ‥ ‥ ‥ ‥ ‥ ‥ <Software introduction> Of the Saturn video file formats, the Cinepak format (usually with the extension .CPK) Convert the file to Windows AVI format. Even if it is called conversion, the data...
  15. dibz

    Cinepak->WAV 0.64

    _- ~~ -__- ~~ -__- ~~ -__- ~~ -__- ~~ -__- ~~ -__- ~~ -__- ~~ -__- ~~ -__- ~~- __- ~~ -__- ~~ -__- ~~-_ CPK2WAV. EXE Version 0.64 ~ -__- ~~ -__- ~~ -__- ~~ -__- ~~ -__- ~~ -__- ~~ -__- ~~ -__- ~~ -__- ~~ -__- ~ ~ -__- ~~ -__- ~~ -__- ~ [Software introduction] This...
  16. C

    Mars multi Controler for saturn

    Does anyone have or can tell where i find the diagram to make the cable to connect to saturn? I had the cable but lost on the move. Now I have this great control without a cable, and without the diagram with the correct welding order on the connector there is no way to make another cable. This...
  17. itsstillthinking

    New Homebrew "Sonic Jam HD"

    Was searching for something Saturn related and somehow stumbled across this new homebew project. Iv been looking around for a day and have not seen any posts about it so i thought i would. It's quite impressive so far, with a stable fps and quite long draw distances and some fairly high poly...
  18. dibz

    Sega Saturn Save Parser 2020-09-03

    This is a QT-based parser for Sega Saturn RAM Backup (aka Power Memory), Internal RAM, and possibly other media images. It can load/save/show image's content and extract/insert/delete single saves in a customizable way. Virtually any sector size (64,256,512,whatever) is supported, and...
  19. dibz

    Sega Saturn USB DataLink (Linux)

    Satlink is a Linux utility that communicates with the Saturn USB DataLink to read memory, write memory, and launch Saturn homebrew. Satlink was developed because the original DataLink software was Windows only.
  20. dibz

    AIFF to Redbook Converter for Macintosh 2020-09-01

    This tool converts AIFF sound files to Red book audio by stripping the header. It takes a file that contains audio data (in 16bit stereo at 44.1kHz) and creates a file whose data fork contains that audio data in raw Red Book format.