Hello everyone.
I'm obviously, rather new here, however, I'd been following the instructions listed in this thread: Let's replace Sega Saturn graphics.
as, I'm currently working with some friends of mine on an attempt to translate the game "Jung Rhythm" for the Sega Saturn.

While following this thread's instructions, I saved the VDP2 CRAM for the options menu in game, seen in the attached screenshot:

Unfortunately however, after finding and downloading the program "CRAM2PAL" mentioned in the thread, to use for VDP2 CRAM bin files, when attempting to use the program in any way whatsoever, it results in nothing at all.

To be more specific, I've tried setting it to run as administrator, I've tried trying to run it through a powershell window via command prompt, nothing works the way it's shown to work in the thread, no palette files are dumped. I'm using the version provided in the comments of the thread, as the actual URL given in the OP appears to be dead or at least not working.

I'm an amateur when it comes to any of this, so feel free to tell me if I'm missing something, but I've followed every step correctly up until this point.

Furthermore, I'm a bit worried as to how I'll be able to handle later textures needed, given the game does not work properly at all in Yabause, but that's beyond the original point of this thread. Regardless, I sincerely appreciate anyone who has taken the time to read this over. And likewise, please provide any information to help if possible. I can provide any necessary follow-up information or any files that might be required as well.
For anyone reading this thread from the future: We discussed Akumatsu's problem on the SegaXtreme Discord server and we don't know why CRAM2PAL isn't working for them. Malenko ran Akumatsu's dumped CRAM through the utility since it works for him and posted what it spit out.