1. derek (ateam)

    Jung Rhythm (English Translation Patch) 1.0

    English translation patch for the rhythm game "Jung Rhythm" on the Sega Saturn. "Jung Rhythm" is a rhythm game for the Sega Saturn, often compared to "PaRappa the Rapper" for some of its similarities, although according to records, both games were in development simultaneously. The player...
  2. B

    Translating Culdcept: notes, tutos, calls for help

    Hi everyone, Following the acquisition of the original disc, I explored a bit the content of the card/board-RPG game "Culcept" and found out that it "might be" relatively easy and straightfoward to translate it to english. In the following thread I will post updates about my finds, but also...
  3. derek (ateam)

    Rabbit (English Translation Patch) 1.0

    English translation patch for the fighting game "Rabbit" on the Sega Saturn. "Rabbit" is a 2D fighting game with cartoonish and colorful graphics. The game features eight playable characters: Wu-ling (rabbit), Tian-ren (hawk), Egith (ox), Hou-en (wolf), Ja-koh (snake), Yu-lan (fox), Rex...
  4. B

    Kingdom Grandprix: English translation patches 2024.02.04-01

    Shippuu Mahou Daisakusen: Kingdom Grandprix is a combination shooting/racing game by Eighting / Raizing. Following its arcade release, it was was ported to the Saturn. That version only came out in Japan. Even so, a full (but questionable) English translation is present on its disc. These...
  5. Malenko

    Saturn Bomberman Fight!! .004

    Bomberman Fight!! A Sega Saturn fan localization by Malenko and friends. Dedicated to: Yuki Mei April 8th 2006 - June 19th 2023 Resources used: CrystalTile2: Crystal Tile 2 Photoshop CS2: bytesearch: ByteSearch CRAM2PAL: No URL Sega Saturn Patcher: Sega Saturn Patcher Yaba SanShiro...
  6. sansigolo

    Portuguese Translation for Sakura Wars

    Name: Sakura Wars Platform: Sega Saturn Developer: Red Entertainment Corporation, SEGA Publisher: SEGA Released: 1996 Genre: Turn-based strategy, visual novel, dating sim Players: 1 Language: Brazilian Portuguese Audio: Japanese Trailer About the Game The original plot, inspired by Shochiku...
  7. sansigolo

    Sakura Wars Portuguese Patch 1.1

    Game Information Name: Sakura Wars Platform: Sega Saturn Developer: Red Entertainment Corporation, SEGA Publisher: SEGA Released: 1996 Genre: Turn-based strategy, visual novel, dating sim Players: 1 Language: Brazilian Portuguese Audio: Japanese Trailer About the Game The original plot...
  8. A

    Having problems using CRAM2PAL

    Hello everyone. I'm obviously, rather new here, however, I'd been following the instructions listed in this thread: Let's replace Sega Saturn graphics. as, I'm currently working with some friends of mine on an attempt to translate the game "Jung Rhythm" for the Sega Saturn. While following this...
  9. TrekkiesUnite118

    Sakura Wars 2 - Special Demo English Patch 1.1

    This translates the Sakura Wars 2 Special Edition Demo into English. This is intended to be a reveal for the Translation Project for the main game. The demo can be found in Redump's archive as Sakura Taisen 2 - Kimi, Shinitamou Koto Nakare (Japan) (Demo) Credits are as follows: --—FULL...
  10. Arjak

    J.B. Harold: Blue Chicago Blues - English Translation

    I am proud to announce my first ever attempt at a translation: J.B. Harold: Blue Chicago Blues! This FMV adventure game was the last entry in Riverhill Soft's J.B. Harold series of detective mystery video games, a series which started on Japanese home computers and would later see ports to...
  11. Arjak

    J.B. Harold: Blue Chicago Blues - English Patch 1.00

    A translation of J.B. Harold: Blue Chicago Blues into English. Current version: 1.00 The current version should translate the entire game. If you find untranslated Japanese in this version, please let me know where and how you found it, and I will try to fix the issue as soon as possible...
  12. Malenko

    Localizing Syutokou_97 / SYUTOKO BATTLE 97 Drift King

    Been chipping away at this for a while mostly sorting out the documentation of the data and translating all the text. I don't know why I keep picking games that are so text heavy (something I didn't expect in the racing genre) but I am a HUGE fan of the Genki games, and you can tell they build...
  13. M

    Ys 1 English Patch v0.763

    This is english translation patch for Ys 1 Saturn Mode (from Falcom Classics).
  14. EmeraldNova

    Bastard Baroque 0.37

    Emerald Nova & Knight0fDragon Present: Bastard Baroque The game is largely translated from Japanese via basic text replacement and transcription adapted from Baroque . Items will be largely understandable and the combat of the game playable. In game dialogue may be much more limited than the...
  15. Malenko

    Translating Fire Pro Blazing Tornado

    Files: Blazing Tornado - Google Drive So Ive shown pictures of this in my other Fire Pro translation project, but I think it's better if this game has its own thread. All the main menu text is done: Circuit Mode, aka the Arcade/Story mode.The Japanese text is a bit wordy , so think of this as...
  16. Danthrax

    Bulk Slash (English) 1.001

    A full English localization of Bulk Slash, including dubs of all voices in-game and during ending cutscenes, as well as an implementation of the Twin Stick controller.
  17. vbt

    PAL Keio Flying Squadron 2 1.0

    This patch patches PAL Keio Flying Squadron 2 to replace the sounds (like the ones from the main character) and the videos by the Japanese ones. v1.0 by s10k 2021-11-29
  18. Erase

    How to make a fan translation?

    Hi everyone, I'm wanting to make a fan translation of Puyo Puyo Sun for the Saturn so I can play with the cutscenes in English, it has already been made for the PC version so most everything is already translated except maybe the menus. Where would someone start making a translation, like what...
  19. TrekkiesUnite118

    Sakura Wars English Patch 2.1.1

    This patch will translate Sakura Wars into English. Content wise this patch is identical to the version posted on This version simply converts it over to use the Sega Saturn Patcher format for easier patching. This patch REQUIRES version 1.91 of the patcher program...
  20. derek (ateam)

    Sakura Wars: Columns 2 (English Translation Patch) 1.2

    This v1.2 patch is fully translated and polished end-to-end. You can find a full readme here (or at the bottom of this post): Please note that this patch also ships with a fully 100%...