Kingdom Grandprix: English translation patches

Kingdom Grandprix: English translation patches 2024.02.04-01

Shippuu Mahou Daisakusen: Kingdom Grandprix is a combination shooting/racing game by Eighting / Raizing.

Following its arcade release, it was was ported to the Saturn. That version only came out in Japan. Even so, a full (but questionable) English translation is present on its disc.

These patches do two things:
  1. Change the game text to English
  2. Enable the extra "Game Mode" options, which normally require a cheat code

A writeup with technical is available at Rings of Saturn.

Apply one of the patches with Sega Saturn Patcher:
  • Original translation: OriginalEnglish.ssp
  • Malenko's improved translation: RevisedEnglishPatch.ssp

  • Malenko, for spotting the English resources on the Saturn version
  • Bo, for figuring out how to turn them on
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Works well on original hardware but doesn't on emulators. While the clean iso does. It would be great if it was compatible. Either way great job.
Just published a fix for the emulator issue - try it out!
I know its self-servicing to rate something I "helped with" 5 stars but this is a great game with 2 different game play modes (effectively making it 2 games in 1). While shmups aren't really locked behind a language barrier it is nice to know whats going on.