1. Malenko

    Saturn Bomberman Fight!! .004

    Bomberman Fight!! A Sega Saturn fan localization by Malenko and friends. Dedicated to: Yuki Mei April 8th 2006 - June 19th 2023 Resources used: CrystalTile2: Crystal Tile 2 Photoshop CS2: Adobe.com bytesearch: ByteSearch CRAM2PAL: No URL Sega Saturn Patcher: Sega Saturn Patcher Yaba SanShiro...
  2. A

    Having problems using CRAM2PAL

    Hello everyone. I'm obviously, rather new here, however, I'd been following the instructions listed in this thread: Let's replace Sega Saturn graphics. as, I'm currently working with some friends of mine on an attempt to translate the game "Jung Rhythm" for the Sega Saturn. While following this...
  3. Malenko

    Let's localize Bomberman Fight!!

    It didn't take a genius to see that I started working on this game, if you saw my other post about how to change graphics in Sega Saturn games it was pretty obvious. Terra Phantastica is still getting chipped away at, but its a whole lot of game. https://www.patreon.com/shiromediagroup BETA...