A translation of Treasure's 1997 masterpiece, Silhouette Mirage, into english using the PS1 Working Designs script.

Current version: 0.99b (Release Edition)

The current version makes the game fully playable in english.

Patch using KnightOfDragon's Sega Saturn Patcher (SSP) 2.0 (included with the patch, but also downloadable with the J.B. Harold English Patch). The patch has been confirmed to work on real hardware using Fenrir/Fenrir Duo, Phoebe, and Satiator, as well as via emulation using Bizhawk, Mednafen, and Yaba Sanshiro.

NOTE: Patch will work with all Saturn versions of the game. This includes: v1.001 (Demo), v1.003 (Release), and v1.100 (Rev. A)
NOTE2: "+ Region Free Patch" must be UNSELECTED when patching in SSP otherwise the game will crash on boot.
NOTE3: If the game is having difficulty loading on Fenrir ODE, then try patching with "Separate Track Files(if applicable)" SELECTED in SSP.

Current Goals for v1.0:
  • Text centering "Insufficient RAM" text
  • Continue screen sprites
  • Adding "Sega Xtreme" splash screen
Known Issues:
  • None!
Please let us know if you encounter any issues!

Credits: soniccd123, Rasputin3000, Malenko
First release
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5.00 star(s) 1 ratings

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    The zip folder for the english patch now has the requried version of SSP bundled with it. Enjoy!

Latest reviews

An enjoyable game playable from start to finish in English thanks to Rasputin3000. I look forward to playing the non WD translation version in the future.