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  1. Rasputin3000

    Silhouette Mirage - English Patch

    Hi, this is the official thread for the ongoing Silhouette Mirage english fan translation project. Soniccd123, Malenko, and myself are inserting the PSX Working Designs script into the game and we are making excellent progress (check out the version 0.148 patch here). We are currently grinding...
  2. Rasputin3000

    Silhouette Mirage - English Patch 0.63

    A translation of Treasure's 1997 masterpiece, Silhouette Mirage, into english using the PS1 Working Designs script. Current version: 0.63 (not that I know how version numbers work...) The current version has the Tutorial through the start of Area 5 playable fully in english. Patch using...