english translation

  1. derek (ateam)

    Sakura Wars: Columns 2 (English Translation Patch) 1.1

    This v1.1 patch is fully translated and polished end-to-end. You can find a full readme here (or at the bottom of this post): https://raw.githubusercontent.com/DerekPascarella/SakuraWarsColumns2-EnglishPatchDreamcast/main/read_me.txt Please note that this patch also ships with a fully 100%...
  2. Danthrax

    Bulk Slash English localization project

    Announcing an English localization of Sega Saturn cult classic action game Bulk Slash! Developed by CA Production and published by Hudson in 1997, Bulk Slash is one of the Saturn's best games, combining impressive 3D graphics with fast gameplay that allows the player to switch between a bipedal...
  3. derek (ateam)

    Taxi 2 - The Game (English Translation Patch) 1.0

    Announcing the v1.0 release of my English translation patch for "Taxi 2 - The Game", featuring fully translated text and subtitled FMVs! See the "Readme" for more details. The latest version (v1.0) of this patch is available from my GitHub repository...