Gungriffon II English Localized

Gungriffon II English Localized Alpha v.0.97.5 (Public Alpha+ Build)

Gungriffon II English Localized
Alpha build v.0.97 (open alpha build)

Gungriffon II Localization Team Members:

Samuel "The SSG" Myles
Text and image translation and localization
Coding and implementation

Anthony "Knigh0fDragon" Randazzo
Reverse engineering
Technical advice

Greg "Lacquerware" Moore
Text and image translation and localization


1. 4 additional lines of text added.
2. Modification of text on non-scrolling text to accommodate CRT over scan.
3. This fix will require further changes to graphics on certain screens to accommodate the text shift.
4. Further changes are currently in R&D concerning scrolling text screens.


1. Currently, 97% percent of written text within the game has been translated and replaced.
2. The only text that remains is that concerning the “2 Player” mode only accessible via the Saturn Link Cable. I, The SSG, do not have access to this cable at the moment, so I cannot ensure text is implemented properly.
3. Japanese that appears on screen outside of the chat boxes are not injected text, but rather images. This along with English audio, will be handled during the Beta phase of this project.
4. Please report any issues you may come across in the projects discord server. Join the Gungriffon II Translation / Localization Project Discord Server! This could include graphical issues with text (if you see text that looks like a bunch of squished up boxes, then that is untranslated text.), sound issues, or crashes.
5. While we are happy to release this alpha build for community testing, we ask that you do not distribute this build of the game. This includes pre-patched versions of the game. The Gungriffon II Localization Team does not in any way endorse pre-patched versions of the game, and we ask that you report them to us immediately.
6. Suit up, WW3 isn’t gonna fight itself!
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