Blast Wind is a vertical shoot 'em up for the Sega Saturn which was released exclusively in Japan during 1997 by Tecnosoft. It tells the tale of a post-apocalyptic earth where humanity must rely on two ancient super warriors to defeat GORN's cybernetic empire, which is a reference to ORN from Tecnosoft's own Thunder Force series.

The game is characterized by its alternate routes which add to the replay value. It also notably features two unique ships depending on the player side, two shot types per ship, a bomb system, and a unique emphasis on RNG item pickups as well as coin collection.

This is a translation patch with the following features:
  • Newly added English narration for the intro sequence
  • A newly dubbed voice actor for the leader of the GORN Empire
  • Script injections which include fixes to typos in the original English portions of the game (For example, "Atlantiss" is now fixed)
  • Originally, the background music was considered far too quiet and it is very much drowned out by the sound effects in the original game; the audio balancing has been adjusted and all the music is much more audible now
  • A 1CC guide is included as a final bonus
This patch is incompatible with Sega Saturn Patcher. A set of folders and an .xdelta file is included with the patch. The user need only put their vanilla ISO (in Redump format) inside the "redump_original" folder and double-click "apply_patch.bat" to experience the patch.

As a final note, if the game asks for RAM during the very first boot sequence, the first option is for main RAM and the second option is for cartridge RAM.

  • CF for the main translation work and hacking
  • Nina Nikolic for voicing the narrator
  • Noir Thorton for voicing the GORN leader
  • Maël Hörz for HxD
  • Derek Pascarella (ateam) for patcher script help
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